Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tradition with a contemporary twist.....

I've always been a "traditional" things from the past, and treasure the keepsakes I've preserved over the years.  Now that I have grandchildren, I'm always looking for special things that they'll enjoy and maybe tuck away to someday pull out and remember the joy it brought them in the past.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting (in a virutal sort of way) a lovely woman who has such an incredible artistic talent for creating such treasures.  Her name is Tegan, and she's the creator of the little rag dolls on the Etsy website, "GoHeyJudy".  These dolls, or "Little Charmers", are by far some of the most original, and adorable dolls I've seen in a long time.  Like I said, I'm a  traditionalist, but I love things that have the elements of the past and those of today.  These dolls are just that.

Tegan and I talked about what I wanted to get for the twins, and lo and behold, she far exceeded my expectations!  The twins love love love anything to do with a princess, so I had inquired as to whether or not she had a "princess" doll.   Tegan said she would be happy to create one.  We also discussed the colors.  Lilly loves anything Cinderella, which means the color has to be blue, and Leila loves anything Tinkerbell, which means the color green.  Tegan incorprated these colors into each doll.  She even embroidered "Princess Lilly" and "Princess Leila" on the crown of each doll.  I was beyond thrilled, and have no doubt the girls are going to love them too.

Beyond the fact that these are one of a kind treasures, they're just the right size for the twins.  I have no doubt these "Little Charmers" are going to get lots of love and attention from the girls.  If you're looking for something for the up coming holidays that is unique and a future treasure, be sure to stop by Tegan's page and have a look--but be're going to fall in love!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Traditions have a place in this world.....

Today's world is filled with innovation and high tech gadgets which make our lives wonderful, but it would be a shame to forget and lose the traditions of not too long ago.  I've seen all the DVD's of pop-culture music for babies and children, and for the most part they're really well done.  However, there's a certain sweetness and innocence to the songs and rhymes of the years I grew up (a rather long time ago!).

Recently I ran across someone who's taken the "old" traditional nursery songs, and has put them to the DVD format with pictures.  I have to say, the first one out, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, is captivating.  The tone of the music is rich, and the little "twinkling" star that sings the song is sure to captivate the imagination of your little one as they watch.  What I found particularly intriguing, is that because it's a little star singing, it implies that it doesn't matter who you are....if a star can sing such an alluring song, then surely anyone can.

You can find this DVD at Little Baby Bum, and they'll soon be releasing more DVD's for,
Baa Baa Black Sheep
The Alphabet Song
Incey Wincey Spider
and more...
They'll even copy these to the MP3 format for you!  Be sure to check them out.  This would make a terrrific baby shower gift, or gift to the little ones in your own family.