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Who's Behind the Scene here?
One of my earliest recollections of my childhood was wearing steel-shank shoes because my feet tended to roll inward at the arch.  While all the other little girls had cute little sneakers and sandals, I was forced to wear these ugly brown saddle oxford style shoes – I called them “clod hoppers”. 
When I was about 6-years old, my grandmother took me shopping in Neiman Marcus.  We happened to walk by the shoe department, and there I spotted the most beautiful red shoes in the world.  They weren’t just red—they had sparkles under the surface—to this day I can remember how my heart pounded as I stood there staring at them.  My "little girl anticipation" rose when my grandmother asked me if I liked them.  As I told her yes, I was hoping she was going to tell me she'd buy them for me.  I was raised to never ask for something, so I didn’t dare tell her I wanted them, but secretly I hoped she’d figure it out. 
 My grandmother then told me, that when the doctors said I didn’t have to wear my corrective shoes, she would bring me back to Neiman Marcus and buy them for me.  I remember how excited I was--just the thought of wearing those red sparkly shoes!  Of course when you’re six, a day can seem as long as a year, and I  remember yearning for those red shoes--trying so hard to make my feet do what everyone said they had to do…….sadly, shoes I never got to wear.
Finally in junior high, my "clod-hoppers" were a thing of the past, but the ruby red ones at the department store never left my memory.  To this day I love shoes, and I love shopping for clothes.  That’s in part what led me to becoming the owner of this site.  I raised two daughters and always loved dressing them up.  Now I have twin granddaughters and it’s even more fun finding cute little outfits and shoes for them.
An important element in my decision to purchase anything, is the customer service I receive.  That being said, you have my personal guarantee that customer service will always be a priority at Adorable Baby Clothing.com.  If your call isn’t answered when you call, I promise you will get a call back the same day.  Emails—always answered promptly!
I hope you enjoy shopping at Adorable Baby Clothing.com.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send me an email at customercare@adorablebabyclothing.com and I’ll do my best to find it for you. 
Need advice on sizing or shipping—let me know!  I’ll get the answer for you as soon as possible.
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