Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When it's "ookie-spookie" Trick or Treat--1st BE SAFE!

Holidays like Halloween can be so magical and so much fun for kids everywhere.  I know as a grandmother it takes on a whole new perspective, and it can be easy to want to "just have fun".  But, being the ever vigilant grandmother, I'm ever cautious about what I let the grandkids get into.  Since it's just a couple of days away, I thought rehashing what we all know was worth writing......

Have a home party.  Depending on where you live, and if climate factors in, sometimes it's just more fun to have a home party.  This is a great
opportunity to let your kids invite their friends over, and even have the parents come if they want.  You can play games, play spooky music, and of course let your imagination run wild with the candy options.  We did this once, and each person invited had to bring a bag of their favorite candy (I mean a bag big enough to share with everyone).  We set it up so that at the end of the party, each kid went through and picked out their favorites......let me tell you......they were estatic because they all knew what everyone liked. Oh--and don't forget your own costume for this......they'll love it--trust me!

Community Sponsored Events -- Most towns these days go to great lengths
at this time of year to warn parents about the potential hazards of trick or treating, and even fund community events with pre-screened participants so everyone can have fun.  You'll find everything from free candy, to coupons to your favorite stores and eateries, and costume contests.  It's a great way to enjoy the night with the family.

Energy--it's not just the candy!  If your little goblins are toddlers or younger, the earlier you go the better.  They don't know they're tired, until you get to enjoy one of those "out of the blue" melt-downs for apparently no reason at all.  When they're little they don't know the difference between trick-or-treating in the light or the dark.  Feed them some dinner, then make the rounds and be home in time to answer your own door for the older kids that you know are going to show up!

Choose a comfortable costume!  The type, cost and complexity of costumes seems almost endless these days.  If they're little, choose one that's
appropriate for your climate (nothing worse than sweating); something that's easy on and off (especially if they're in diapers!); and one that hopefully they're fascinated with.  With venues like Pinterest, you're bound to see a million different ideas, and even those you can make yourself.  If you're going out after dark, be sure to add reflective tape, or what's even more fun, add some of those glow-in-the-dark necklaces or sticks they can hold.

Keep them walking!  I know that sounds silly, but you know how excited the kids get at the thought of running up to some random house, knocking on the door, yelling "trick-or-treat" and getting free candy.  The downside.....if they trip and end up hurting themselves, the night can be ruined.  Be careful with their costumes too, that they don't  impede their ability to walk freely.  Oh--and wear really comfortable shoes if you're going to be out for awhile!

For the older kids--Set up a meeting place and time.  The older kids tend not to want mom and dad standing behind them gushing at their cuteness.  If you're allowing them to go without you, make sure their going in a group, and know who's in that group.  I'd even advise talking to the other parents, so everyone is on the same page.  Your kids may complain you're being over-protective (and lord knows we've all been told "you're the only parent who does this"), but better safe than sorry.  There are just way too many crazies in the world these days, and besides......once their home counting their candy, they'll totally forget you called all the other parents....they'll  only be thinking about how cool it was to be out with their friends.

Set limits. This really applies to all ages.  Limit the trick or treating to neighborhoods with a lot of homes like a subdivision and good street lighting. This night isn’t the night to go roaming into new areas that you and your children are unfamiliar with. 

Over stating the obvious....No porch light, no stopping.  If there's no light on, either the home owner isn't home, or doesn't want to hand out candy.


The main thing is.......be happy and safe.  This is a tradition that's been around for generations, and with a little fore-thought and planning can always be one of those happy times we remember as adults!

Monday, October 28, 2013

When is a "Deal" a "Deal"?

Everyone loves a sale.......that "deal" of the century you never thought would happen to  you.  However, these days, it seems everyone has a "deal" just for you.  So, how do you know when it's really a deal, or just some closeout that's really only worth the money it's on sale for.  

When shopping for children's clothes, sometimes it's hard to justify the pricier item.  Americans have been conditioned through the media, to shop price
versus quality when it comes to kids clothing.  Although cute the first couple of times they're worn, you typically find the fabric doesn't perform well, they shrink and fade when washed, and pretty much last for a few wearings before you're ready to throw them out.  I personally have been this route, and find it frustrating......especially having three grandchildren, I know how expensive it can get to buy more clothes over and over.

At Adorable Baby Clothing, what you'll find is the opposite.  We're not the
cheapest......we're definitely not the most expensive..........the difference is, our clothing is timeless in style and design, and the fabrics and construction are made to last through repeated wearing and cleaning.  Our clothes are the ones you buy for baby #1, and pass on down through the others! 

How do you know this?  Our brands. Lito and LeTop, two of the companies that are highlighted on our website have been in business on average, 40-years each.  You don't stay around that long, especially in a market for children's clothing, if you're not doing something right!  These manufacturers primary goal is to design classic styles out of "kid appropriate" fabrics, and sturdy construction that will move with your child while they're wearing them.

When you're out shopping for clothes, whether for play or a special occasion, keep these things in mind:
  • Is it a trendy style, or classic (can my next 5 kids wear this?!)
  • Feel the fabric....is it sturdy.....or can you see straight through it?  Also, check the content of the fabric....a blend of natural and man made fibers is typically best for kids;
  • Look at the colors......are they "today's" colors that are hot, or are they colors that will be popular through the years?;
  • Check the construction......something can look great on a hanger, or folded neatly on a table, but watch out when you put it on your child and wash it a couple of times!  
  • Consider buying American made--the manufacturers who produce children's clothing here make some of the most beautiful well constructed clothing in the world -- price isn't everything if something won't last beyond one child wearing the item!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creating Baptism or Christening Memories for a Lifetime

For many people, the first big event after the birth of the baby is the baby’s christening! Families gather with happy anticipation to celebrate your new bundle of joy. In a  way it's how we start to preserve our heritage. Adorable Baby Clothing offers Christening Gowns & Suits for this first important occasion. Just like you, we love creating beloved family traditions and incorporating beautiful heirlooms for a new generation of parents and their little ones. The gowns you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing run the gamut from simple cotton fabrics, to exquisite silks and detailed embroidery and bead work. The great attention given to quality, style and workmanship is far beyond the ordinary.  Future generations will be thrilled that you've saved this very special gown that was a part of their first celebration. Visit us at www.adorablebabyclothing.com.

Creating a Memorable Baptism
1.  Be sure to involve your family and friends who are already celebrating the birth of your little one.  You might even ask them to help in making the selection, because as you know, everyone loves the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of this momentous occasion.  Grandparents may even want to purchase this for you as a gift for their grandchild.

2. Choose a fabric that reflects who you are. Cotton, although simple, is a fabric used for centuries for important occasions. The choice may can be affected by family traditions, or the climate that you live in.   A favored fabric, silk, is generally considered the fabric of royalty. Although it’s often used for dressy or formal occasions, it can be a beautiful selection for such a precious moment in all your lives. Satin, has a luxurious look and feel that many people love against their skin.  You'll find a wide array of fabrics, from those mentioned above, to organze, taffeta, tulle....there's one just for you!  No matter what fabric you choose--no matter how simple or intricate the details--the most important thing is it reflects you, and becomes that keepsake for your little one.

  3. Designate someone to take lots of pictures to capture the importance of the day and all of the moments you want to remember. In the future, it will mean a lot to tell your child the story.  These will become the treasures you'll look back in the years to come.......they will tell the story of that most beautiful celebration.

4.  Don't forget to include some special accessories, like little booties, or a blanket just for the day, and sometimes, a bib is nice, if your little one drools a lot.  You can find all of these accessories at Adorable Baby Clothing, and they make wonderful gifts for the parents and baby.  

5.  One of the greatest joys in life, is finding the treasures from infancy and childhood that mom tucked away for us.  After the celebration is over, take care to save your gown for its keepsake value. These are the priceless memories that help link-us-together, moment by moment, and supply something to hold onto in changing times. 

Come take a look for yourself!  We think you'll find just what you're looking for!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Picture Perfect" Trendy Metallics

This season brings lots of new colors, textures and overall fun clothing for the kids.  What you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing is a wonderful selection of clothes in one of the hottest trends -- Metallics!  Once a fabric thought only suitable for adult clothing, the metallics have made their way into clothing for girls and boys.  You'll find them incorporated into the holiday dresses, boy's suits, and even the accessories.  

At Adorable Baby Clothing, we look for clothes that stand the test of time in style and durability.  Lito has hit the proverbial "nail on the head" this season with some stunning dresses and suits, that will make your little one a stand out in the crowd.  What's great too, is that once they've outgrown these gorgeous outfits, because of their timeless design, you'll be able to hang it up and save it for the next generation.

There are two new boy's suits in our collection of awesome suits.  You have a choice between  pewter metallic, or silver. Each one comes with two ties, and is made with impeccable design and craftsmanship Lito is known for.

Don't need or want a suit?  Check out the Boy's Vest Sets!  It's a great way to dress up your little buy without the fuss of a suit.  These are great sets, because all you need is the boy, some underwear and shoes and socks and you're good to go!


Be sure to see all the styles and colors we have available!  

FREE Shipping Too!!

(on orders of $50.00 or more here in the United States)

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Choosing clothing for a family portrait, can undoubtedly be one of the most frustrating chores known to moms!  If you're not into coordinating the clothing, try picking just one color that each family member will wear.  As the mom, if you  have a particular outfit for yourself in mind, let your choices spin off from the colors in your outfit.  For instance, if you're wearing a red dress, or shirt, pick up that color in some way in the other family members outfits.   On the other hand, sometimes it's more interesting to choose a color palette for the kids that's totally different from the adults that will be in the picture. 

More than anything else, make sure everyone is comfortable!   There's nothing worse than clothing that's too tight, itchy, or wrinkles every time they bend their arms or legs......it just won't set a happy tone when the photographer is ready to snap those keepsake photos!   

If you want to have options, ask the photographer if you'll have a chance to change clothes for a different look.  Sometimes kids are a lot more willing to wear that "fancy" outfit for a brief period of time if they know they get to change into something they really like to wear.  And, if that's what you'll be doing, be sure to make that second outfit totally different from the first.  One thing to always keep in mind, is gather all your accessories together ahead of time and put them all in one bag to take with you.  That way you won't forget, and everyone will look their best.  

Try to think outside the box when it comes to accessorizing.  Items you might want to consider bringing:
  • --a child's rocking chair
  • --blankets
  • --a wagon
  • --scarves
  • --balloons
  • --unique toys
  • --a large basket
  • --different jewelry

The point is, make the experience fun.  The most interesting family photos are the ones that show the family having fun together......not just stiffly sitting in front of the fireplace at home and smiling on cue.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find a large variety of clothing that just might suit your photo session.  You'll find virtually every color palette, as well as styles that are timeless, for that "picture perfect" look.

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