Saturday, May 28, 2011

Twins...To dress alike or not?

If you've read any of my posts by now, you know I'm a grandmother of twin girls.  Lilly and Leila are faternal twins, which means they look different.  Since they've been born, there have been lots of days they were dressed just alike, but probably just as many when they were dressed differently.  

I'm sure every parent grapples with the question about whether or not to dress their twins (or multiples) alike.  Certainly when they're babies and toddlers they look adorable when dressed alike, but what happens as they grow older.  Even if twins are identical, they most certainly have their own individual personality.  So what happens as they get older?  Do we insist they dress alike?  And what if they are a boy and girl?  Research varies on the subject, but most conclude that as children get older, it's best to not dress them exactly alike.  And, if you're a parent, you know, kids are going to let you know exactly how they feel about their clothes.

Suggestions for other options:
~Dress them in color coordinated outfits.
~Use matching outfits for special occasions (like family  group photos).
~When you want to  make sure others can tell them apart, dress them differently.

At Adorable Baby Clothing, we try to offer clothes that are classic in look, and are made up of fabrics and workmanship that will last a long time.  Whether you choose to dress your multiples alike, or differently, you may just find the perfect outfit for them on the website.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Pretty Lips" for $5.99

One of the great joys of being a grandmother, is finding the greatest happiness in the silliest of things your grandchildren do.  I am blessed with three grandchildren.  The first two are twins, Lilly and Leila, who are fast approaching the age of 3. Calvin is the newest addition to the family, and I really look forward to doing "boy" stuff with him when he's finally old enough for the two of us to get into trouble together.

In the meantime, I have the best time with Lilly and Leila.  It amazes me how quickly they have learned what's "girly".  The term 'pretty lips' is what they call lipstick.  They've watched their mom and I apply it and several months ago decided they needed it too.  Of course lipstick to a 2-1/2 year old can be literally we've discovered them with lips covered in mascara, markers.....and one of their favorites is the clear crayons that only show up on the Crayola paper.....I can't convince them it's invisible on their little mouths.

So this morning, I picked up Lilly and Leila, and we drove straight to Walgreens to buy them their very own "pretty lips".  They were in awe of the makeup section......and I could see they were dying to grab everything within their reach--which was considerable.  However, they've been raised "right" and didn't, but made a point to show me everything they wanted.  We finally decided on some lip gloss in a pale pink (that was my influence--I figured pale pink won't show up on my furniture as much).

The gentleman at the checkout counter seemed a bit perplexed when they demanded their "pretty lips" back from him--I had to laugh, because I knew they thought, he was going to keep it.....

The best part other than watching their little faces in the store, was standing in the parking lot and unwrapping their new treasures so they could apply it right away. simple and sweet.......makes my heart just want to explode sometimes.  You would have thought I'd just given them a million dollars......and it was as simple as "pretty lips".......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ficklets - The Newest Cool Thing for Eyewear!

I am constantly amazed at the insightful ingenuity of Americans.  Ros Guerrero is a mother who understands fully how uncomfortable it can be for a child who is somehow different.  Her daughter wears glasses, and if you did as a child, you probably remember how much you wished you didn't need them.  However, Ros, being sensitive to her daughter, was able to see beyond them, and thus, was born the company Ficklets.

Simply put they are "bling" for your child's eyeglasses!  Ros would describe them more modestly as eyewear charm huggers, but let's call it what it is--bling!  And, who doesn't love bling!  If you have a child who's wearing glasses, take a moment and check out all the styles, colors, and shapes Fickets comes in.  There's bound to be something your little one will love.  Ros has covered all the bases when it comes to style and variety.

Ficklets takes your child's glasses from ordinary to extraordinary (-Adjective 1. beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established) !

Now they can be the trend setter among their peers.  The great thing about Ficklets, too,  is you can change them daily.   No longer are glasses that accessory everyone wants to will have fun surprising their friends with something different every day.  

Be sure to check out the Ficklets website, and see for yourself what everyone's talking about!  Kudos to Ros--super mom and super business woman!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Creating Memories.....

 As a grandmother, I love trying to create memories for my granddaughters.  One of the simplest, but most amazing moments we had together not long ago, was a tea party.  I had hand painted a table and chairs for them for Christmas, and bought them a little inexpensive plastic tea set to play with.  Even at 2-1/2 years old, they knew exactly what to do with all of it.

Since then, I expanded the tea party concept, and we actually had a "real" tea party when they were with me one day.  We put on make-up; we put on TONS of jewelry, hats, and I even let them pick out a purse to carry.  I have some amazing pictures of that day......

Once everyone was all dressed up, we sat down at the table, and using a real teapot, and cups, had the most wonderful time at our tea party.  With baked cookies, strawberries, and even some grapes (that's one of their favorite fruits); it's a day I certainly won't forget.  Hopefully as they get older, our little tea party will become a cherished memory

Creating memories......a time honored gift that no one can ever replace......

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reflections of a Grandmother....

When I first decided I wanted to be a mother, I was full of questions, anticipation, name it.  If you're a mom, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Since becoming a grandmother I've realized how different my role in life has become.  And, I've also realized how great it is to be the "GRANDmother"....or MiMi as in my case.

~When I was pregnant, I waited eagerly for my belly to grow large enough so my pants wouldn't fit, and I could officially buy maternity clothes.  

As a grandmother I'm having a hard time explaining to myself, much less anyone else, why I can't get my pants buttoned around my waist......

~When I was pregnant, I hoped and prayed I wouldn't get stretch marks.  And, when I did, I resigned myself to the fact, that it was just the price one paid for bringing a new life into the world.  

As a grandmother I keep looking at the "age" spots here and there, and wonder if I'd used more sunscreen, or hadn't laid out with my best friend as teenagers-- if I would have ended up with that skin you see in the old paintings.  You know--milky white--unblemished......instead, splotchy, uneven color that takes more and more concealer to conceal!!

~When I was pregnant, I wondered how I'd lose the "baby weight" and more so I could proudly strut my stuff around my friends and husband.  Well, I lost the weight and more.....lost the husband too....

Now, as a grandmother, I have found it to be an even greater challenge to not become the world's fattest grandmother!  I blame it on my age--which I guess is a flimsy excuse.  Some days it's just plain depressing when I look at all the clothes hanging in my closet that apparently will never adorn my body again.

~When I was a young mother, I was forever concerned about my children getting dirty......

As a grandmother, I have so much fun just watching them play with abandon and not worrying about the dirt so much.  Don't get me wrong, I still wash their little hands and faces, and with all the high tech stain removers available today, I've become somewhat of a laundry expert when it comes to stain removal.....but those things seem so trivial in the scheme of life.

~When I was a young mother, I was always perplexed when it came to getting my girls to eat "right" dessert before the dessert if you didn't eat your vegetables...... 

Now.....we eat the dessert first (don't tell my daughter).  I finally realized kids are kids, and they're pretty much going to eat what they want to eat no matter what.  And, yes....I know you have to have some rules and order about what is acceptable or not....but,  instead of a struggle to force them to eat something......we now work our way into it.  A happy grandchild is generally more likely to comply with your requests to eat the broccoli or tomatoes on their plate than one who's fighting for the cookie.  

My philosophy  now......Get the cookie out of the way!
Did I mention I LOVE being a grandmother!

Price vs. Quality--Does it really matter?

In today's economy virtually everyone is concerned with the cost of the goods they are buying.  Whether you're at Target or Neiman Marcus, price is an issue.  As a retailer, I'm no different.  Every time a manufacturer announces a price increase I cringe.......will I be able to continue offering it on Adorable Baby Clothing? Will people still be able to purchase it?  Big questions we all struggle with in one way or another.

Having raised my daughters, and now enjoying my grandchildren, I have formed different opinions in that 30-some odd year span of what price versus quality means.  When my girls were little, the issue was really no different than it is today, but my priorities were different.  Back in "the day", especially when I only had my first, I didn't give much thought to buying perhaps a better quality t-shirt, or pair of shorts, for her, with the thought that maybe she'd have a sister to pass it on to.....silly me.  As they grew older, it finally dawned on me that if I bought better quality clothes I could do exactly that.

What you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing, are items that will stand the test of time.   The manufacturer I carry for the boy's suits, flower girl dresses, christening gowns and suits, has always been known for their impeccable detailing and fabrics that are made to not only move with your child, but provide a luxurious look.  Their timeless appeal and craftmanship, will allow you to put these  away for the next generation.

The other manufacturers shown throughout Adorable Baby Clothing, are known too, for the same reason.  So perhaps, price should not always be the deciding factor when looking for clothing for your little ones.  If you could buy an item that could be used by two or three children, wouldn't it make sense economically?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Mother's Day...the day we're all supposed to make our mom's day special.  I wish I could today, but my mother passed away almost two-years ago.  The funny thing is, I miss her more every year.  Today I'm reflecting back on the things my mom did to make my life, and the life of my dad and brother better.  

My mom dreamed of a better life for my brother and I than she had growing up.  She grew up during the Depression.  Her father had abandoned my grandmother when my mother was only 2-years old.  They had a very hard life--often having very little to eat, and at times, no heat because there was no money to pay the gas company.  There was even a period of time when my grandmother, mom, and her brother, slept together on a mattress on the floor.  I can't even imagine how hard that must have been, because you see, I never had to experience that.

My mother married the love of her life, and they provided a wonderful life for my brother and me.  We weren't wealthy in the sense that we lived in the biggest house, or had the fanciest clothes and car, but we never lacked for anything.  I remember my mother insisting I wear a dress or skirt, when all I wanted was a pair of grungy jeans.........I remember her giving me those smelly Toni perms in my hair, when all I wanted was long flowing hair.......and I remember her making me eat liver.......oh I hated liver!  Still won't eat that today.  But, the best memories now--knowing how desperately my mother wanted me to never experience the hardships, and heartache of her youth.  I have no doubt, that the decisions she "imposed" on me growing up, were because she loved me so much, she was determined to make sure I never had her life.  She was willing to let me be angry--to sometimes think I hated her, in order that I would grow up better than she did.

The funny thing is, no matter how hard we try as mother's to keep our children from heartache and pain, it's a fact of life that is unavoidable.  And yet, it's an element that helps shape who we become.  The older I get, the more I understand that life's path is never easy, no matter where you come from. We all, inevitably go through painful, tough moments......and yet, I would dare to say, the majority of us can reflect back and begin to understand that our moms helped mold us, so that we would survive those moments, and come through them stronger.

So Mom.....I know you're in heaven.........but if there's a way to know what I'm thinking, or see what I've written here.....I love you, and thank you for everything you did for me.  My Mother's Day wish--that you and Daddy are dancing on a cloud somewhere........Happy Mother's Day Mom......x0x0x0x0

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Health and Nutrition

I'm not sure how you feel about nutritional supplements, but I've found they've benefited me over the years.  I used to teach third grade, and every afternoon around 1:30, would feel the energy drain from my body--not a good thing when you're trying to motivate and keep up with 20-8 and 9 year-olds!  Someone suggested that maybe I needed vitamin B.  Up until then I was never a vitamin "taker".  But, I figured, what do I have to lose?  I bought myself a bottle of B-complex at the grocery store just to see if it would give me more energy.  Wow, was I surprised! Gone was that mid-afternoon energy zap.  Since then I've become more selective in the type of vitamins I buy (my personal preference), and take several on a daily basis.  It seems the more I read and learn, the more I understand the importance of providing your body with not only a balanced diet, but good nutrition.

The problem with today, though, is that most of us are on the run from early in the morning, till late at night.  I know so many don't have the time, or desire, to sit down and plan menus for the week, much less find the time to make them.  We should be eating fresh whole foods for our nutrition, but many of us end up grabbing food here and there. That wouldn't be such a problem except that often that food is lacking when it comes to nutrition.  Remember--just because it's convenient and tastes good doesn't mean it's the best nutrition--but you and I both know that!

There is a company called GNLD.  Their sole mission is to provide the most amazing nutritional supplements.  Everything they market has been researched extensively, and their manufacturing facilities are state of the art.  I recently got to  know one of their distributors, Scott Martin, and he has been a wealth of information about their product line.  In fact, they are so convinced you'll be pleased with their products, they offer a money back guarantee--now, you can't beat that!

One of their premier products is called Tre'.  I asked Scott about it and this is what he had to say: "Tré is more than just juice--it is a state-of-the-art liquid nutritional essence, drawn from ten of the most powerful and super nutrient-dense wholefood sources known to science. Tré is built on a powerful foundation of Pomegranate, Acai berry, and Green Tea, along with Inflox, their proprietary blend of deep, dark, antioxidant-rich berries, enhanced with resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid.  These powerful ingredients combined with our advanced process and manufacturing technologies, are guaranteed to provide the consumer with a “potent shot of wellness” in each and every serving. You don’t have to wonder or hope that Tré provides what it appears to, the evidence is right there on our label."

Scott went on to explain about their labeling process, in that it basically gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision.  If you've taken nutritional supplements, or are thinking about it, I'd suggest you visit GNLD's website and see for yourself what they offer.  If you have questions about any of it, Scott Martin will be more than happy to get your questions answered.  Oh--and for the record, I received no compensation for this post.  Just love to share great products!

1. Punicalagins standardized to 35%. 1 ounce of Tré equals 20 ounces of fresh
pomegranate juice.
2. Resveratrol quantified to 500mcg. 1 ounce of Tré equals resveratrol content of
1-2 glasses of fine red wine.
3. Alpha-lipoic acid quantified to 20mg. 1 ounce of Tré equals the alpha-lipoic acid
content of more than 6 cups of fresh spinach.
4. ORAC value calculated to more than 750 TE per ounce…more than 3.5X the
power of antioxidant-rich orange juice.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TG Bears

One of  my favorite toys as a child was a stuffed teddy bear.  I know the poor thing was pretty beat up by the time I moved on to dolls, and I'm sure my mother probably couldn't wait to get rid of it; but, I've never forgotten how much I loved that bear.  Recently I met a phenomenal lady, Monica, who actually makes incredible teddy bears by hand.  

Now TG Bears aren't ordinary by any means.  What you will appreciate as the adult, is that she uses only anti-allergic stuffing, and all the movable, and eye parts, are labeled as "safety" parts.  That means you don't have to worry about your little one taking the parts off the bear--in other words, these things are not just glued on!

Monica has even fine tuned the stuffing to make sure that each crafted bear will hold it's shape, but your little one will still find it cuddly.  And because the arms and legs are movable, you can pose them.  This would make a great baby gift for new parents, because as they take those "growth" pictures of their precious child, they can sit the TG Bear next to baby without both falling over!

When you visit TG Bears, you'll see that there's not just one bear to buy.  Monica has come up with many styles and colors so you're sure to find just the right one.  Another great option, is you can actually have the child's name embroidered on the bottom of the bear's right foot.  That would make an incredible personal keepsake for baby and the parents.

Monica believes that every bear should have a story, and so she's created a blog that features an adventure for the bears.  Theodore's story is updated weekly, and you and your little one can log on to see the ongoing adventure of the bears.  For the bear that's featured each week, there's a special sale--what a great way to involve your child's imagination and creativity!  Be sure to check out TG Bears and the TG Bear Blog-you won't be disappointed!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Carousel Dreams - A Collection of Lullabies

If you have a baby, or know someone who has one, you know how difficult it can be to find just the right music that is both soothing and comforting.  However, when you listen to the collection on the "Carousel Dreams - A Collection of Lullabies", you'll wonder why you couldn't have had this when you were a baby.  All the songs are beautifully written and sung by artists who clearly know how to lull a baby to sleep.  Susan Moss's vocals are perfectly sung in a manner, that even adults would find soothing.  Donna Martin's lyrics are both beautiful and reassuring to listen to.  

I know, as a now, grandmother, that when my twin granddaughters were born, my daughter and I both wanted to find something that would gently lead the babies to sleep, and yet have a comforting quality.  No easy task when you go out to find that combination.  I only wish we'd found this earlier!  Another quality of this particular CD I liked, was that some of the lullabies are performed with lyrics, and others are instrumental.  I think that's a great way for a baby to fall asleep....first, as they nod off they're hearing a beautiful voice singing the lovely lyrics, and then there's just the instrumental portion which helps baby continue through a restful night of sleep.  You may have trouble staying awake yourself!

If you visit the Carousel of Dreams website, you can listen to samples of the songs on the CD--that's a wonderful way to find the perfect music.  I found myself wanting to hear more, and I think every mom, grandparent, and little child will love falling asleep to this beautifully written and performed collection of lullabies.  I would encourage you to take a few minutes to listen and see for yourself why this CD has been the winner of three prestigious awards:

2003 Paren't Magazine Award
Parent's Choice2003 Summer Award
iParenting Media Award

What a wonderful gift for baby, or the new mom to be!

CD- $12.98 
Find them on Facebook too: