Saturday, May 28, 2011

Twins...To dress alike or not?

If you've read any of my posts by now, you know I'm a grandmother of twin girls.  Lilly and Leila are faternal twins, which means they look different.  Since they've been born, there have been lots of days they were dressed just alike, but probably just as many when they were dressed differently.  

I'm sure every parent grapples with the question about whether or not to dress their twins (or multiples) alike.  Certainly when they're babies and toddlers they look adorable when dressed alike, but what happens as they grow older.  Even if twins are identical, they most certainly have their own individual personality.  So what happens as they get older?  Do we insist they dress alike?  And what if they are a boy and girl?  Research varies on the subject, but most conclude that as children get older, it's best to not dress them exactly alike.  And, if you're a parent, you know, kids are going to let you know exactly how they feel about their clothes.

Suggestions for other options:
~Dress them in color coordinated outfits.
~Use matching outfits for special occasions (like family  group photos).
~When you want to  make sure others can tell them apart, dress them differently.

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