Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ficklets - The Newest Cool Thing for Eyewear!

I am constantly amazed at the insightful ingenuity of Americans.  Ros Guerrero is a mother who understands fully how uncomfortable it can be for a child who is somehow different.  Her daughter wears glasses, and if you did as a child, you probably remember how much you wished you didn't need them.  However, Ros, being sensitive to her daughter, was able to see beyond them, and thus, was born the company Ficklets.

Simply put they are "bling" for your child's eyeglasses!  Ros would describe them more modestly as eyewear charm huggers, but let's call it what it is--bling!  And, who doesn't love bling!  If you have a child who's wearing glasses, take a moment and check out all the styles, colors, and shapes Fickets comes in.  There's bound to be something your little one will love.  Ros has covered all the bases when it comes to style and variety.

Ficklets takes your child's glasses from ordinary to extraordinary (-Adjective 1. beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established) !

Now they can be the trend setter among their peers.  The great thing about Ficklets, too,  is you can change them daily.   No longer are glasses that accessory everyone wants to will have fun surprising their friends with something different every day.  

Be sure to check out the Ficklets website, and see for yourself what everyone's talking about!  Kudos to Ros--super mom and super business woman!