Thursday, May 12, 2011

Price vs. Quality--Does it really matter?

In today's economy virtually everyone is concerned with the cost of the goods they are buying.  Whether you're at Target or Neiman Marcus, price is an issue.  As a retailer, I'm no different.  Every time a manufacturer announces a price increase I cringe.......will I be able to continue offering it on Adorable Baby Clothing? Will people still be able to purchase it?  Big questions we all struggle with in one way or another.

Having raised my daughters, and now enjoying my grandchildren, I have formed different opinions in that 30-some odd year span of what price versus quality means.  When my girls were little, the issue was really no different than it is today, but my priorities were different.  Back in "the day", especially when I only had my first, I didn't give much thought to buying perhaps a better quality t-shirt, or pair of shorts, for her, with the thought that maybe she'd have a sister to pass it on to.....silly me.  As they grew older, it finally dawned on me that if I bought better quality clothes I could do exactly that.

What you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing, are items that will stand the test of time.   The manufacturer I carry for the boy's suits, flower girl dresses, christening gowns and suits, has always been known for their impeccable detailing and fabrics that are made to not only move with your child, but provide a luxurious look.  Their timeless appeal and craftmanship, will allow you to put these  away for the next generation.

The other manufacturers shown throughout Adorable Baby Clothing, are known too, for the same reason.  So perhaps, price should not always be the deciding factor when looking for clothing for your little ones.  If you could buy an item that could be used by two or three children, wouldn't it make sense economically?