Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Mother's Day...the day we're all supposed to make our mom's day special.  I wish I could today, but my mother passed away almost two-years ago.  The funny thing is, I miss her more every year.  Today I'm reflecting back on the things my mom did to make my life, and the life of my dad and brother better.  

My mom dreamed of a better life for my brother and I than she had growing up.  She grew up during the Depression.  Her father had abandoned my grandmother when my mother was only 2-years old.  They had a very hard life--often having very little to eat, and at times, no heat because there was no money to pay the gas company.  There was even a period of time when my grandmother, mom, and her brother, slept together on a mattress on the floor.  I can't even imagine how hard that must have been, because you see, I never had to experience that.

My mother married the love of her life, and they provided a wonderful life for my brother and me.  We weren't wealthy in the sense that we lived in the biggest house, or had the fanciest clothes and car, but we never lacked for anything.  I remember my mother insisting I wear a dress or skirt, when all I wanted was a pair of grungy jeans.........I remember her giving me those smelly Toni perms in my hair, when all I wanted was long flowing hair.......and I remember her making me eat liver.......oh I hated liver!  Still won't eat that today.  But, the best memories now--knowing how desperately my mother wanted me to never experience the hardships, and heartache of her youth.  I have no doubt, that the decisions she "imposed" on me growing up, were because she loved me so much, she was determined to make sure I never had her life.  She was willing to let me be angry--to sometimes think I hated her, in order that I would grow up better than she did.

The funny thing is, no matter how hard we try as mother's to keep our children from heartache and pain, it's a fact of life that is unavoidable.  And yet, it's an element that helps shape who we become.  The older I get, the more I understand that life's path is never easy, no matter where you come from. We all, inevitably go through painful, tough moments......and yet, I would dare to say, the majority of us can reflect back and begin to understand that our moms helped mold us, so that we would survive those moments, and come through them stronger.

So Mom.....I know you're in heaven.........but if there's a way to know what I'm thinking, or see what I've written here.....I love you, and thank you for everything you did for me.  My Mother's Day wish--that you and Daddy are dancing on a cloud somewhere........Happy Mother's Day Mom......x0x0x0x0