Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TG Bears

One of  my favorite toys as a child was a stuffed teddy bear.  I know the poor thing was pretty beat up by the time I moved on to dolls, and I'm sure my mother probably couldn't wait to get rid of it; but, I've never forgotten how much I loved that bear.  Recently I met a phenomenal lady, Monica, who actually makes incredible teddy bears by hand.  

Now TG Bears aren't ordinary by any means.  What you will appreciate as the adult, is that she uses only anti-allergic stuffing, and all the movable, and eye parts, are labeled as "safety" parts.  That means you don't have to worry about your little one taking the parts off the bear--in other words, these things are not just glued on!

Monica has even fine tuned the stuffing to make sure that each crafted bear will hold it's shape, but your little one will still find it cuddly.  And because the arms and legs are movable, you can pose them.  This would make a great baby gift for new parents, because as they take those "growth" pictures of their precious child, they can sit the TG Bear next to baby without both falling over!

When you visit TG Bears, you'll see that there's not just one bear to buy.  Monica has come up with many styles and colors so you're sure to find just the right one.  Another great option, is you can actually have the child's name embroidered on the bottom of the bear's right foot.  That would make an incredible personal keepsake for baby and the parents.

Monica believes that every bear should have a story, and so she's created a blog that features an adventure for the bears.  Theodore's story is updated weekly, and you and your little one can log on to see the ongoing adventure of the bears.  For the bear that's featured each week, there's a special sale--what a great way to involve your child's imagination and creativity!  Be sure to check out TG Bears and the TG Bear Blog-you won't be disappointed!