Friday, November 16, 2012

No fear.....we can help!

One of the biggest fears buyers have of ordering clothing from the internet, is that they'll get the wrong size and have to exchange or return it.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find size charts, as well as a number to call if you want to ask more questions.

Over the years, we've found that most people do get the sizing correct, and are thrilled with their purchase. The clothing sold on the Adorable Baby Clothing website, is of the best quality.  We're not the most expensive, and we're not the cheapest........what we promise is that you'll receive clothing that will look awesome when your little one puts it on, and most likely you'll pass it on to the next one (you may even have friends, and/or family members who ask to borrow it!).

If you're considering buying a boy's suit, we recommend you order the size they are currently wearing in their everyday clothing.  That said, if they're about the outgrow that size, or it's going to be several weeks before they wear it, you may want to consider ordering the next size up.  You can also take the measurements provided on the size chart, and compare that with clothing they're wearing at home (we recommend you do the comparison when they're not wearing those know how wiggly squiggly kids are!).

If it's the Flower Girl Dresses or Special Occasion Clothing, those rules would apply too.  And, if you're still not sure, don't hesitate to send an email 
( ),  or call (407-252-8749), and we'll be more than happy to help.

A new feature that's available to our customers is 6-Months Interest Free Financing when you apply with Bill Me Later through PayPal.   It's a great way to be able to order the clothing you really want, and not get hit with another credit card bill just around the holidays.  Once you've made your selections, and have filled in the Shipping and Billing information, you'll have the option to chose the financing, or regular credit card billing.  And, if you're a first time Bill Me Later customer, they'll even add a $5.00 credit to your bill for opening an account.  We just encourage you to use this option responsibly!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Peeka Pals - Made in the USA - Kid Inspired - Dad Created!

If you're looking for t-shirts or bodysuits for your little ones, Peeka Pals, has a novel and unique kid inspired line just for you.  The company is owned and run by the dad, Kaming, who was inspired by his children's love of animals.  Kaming sent me a sample of the t-shirts and bodysuits, and I have to say, I was impressed with the quality of the fabric (100% cotton) and the stitching.  Even the imprinting of the design was first rate, with no variations in the color or coverage.  My first impression was that these shirts are designed and made to last!

Using quality t-shirts and bodysuits, he has carefully designed a variety of contemporary animal designs that offer you the customer, a multitude of customizable choices!  You can choose the background color and even have it personalized to custom fit the child you're ordering from.  What I particularly loved about this company, is the ability to have the same design on a bodysuit and a t-shirt, so if you have more than one child, at different ages, you can custom design each one to match or compliment the other.  It's the best of all worlds -- quality and variety all in one place.

Another unique feature of Peeka Pals, is the additional items available.  Kaming, started creating clocks for his own children, which inspired everything else.  If you're looking for a unique baby shower gift, or something for your own little one, this is a fabulous way to give a themed based gift that's sure become a beloved keepsake through the years.  To top it all off, Peeka Pals, offers FREE Shipping on all orders of $45.00 or more!  So take a'll love the unique customizable gifts and shirts that are kid inspired!

Peeka Pals even believes in helping others.  Peeka Pals works with Newborns in Need, Inc. (NIN), a 501(c)3 charity organized to take care of needy babies. At the end of every month, Peeka Pals takes the total number of shirts sold from our online store and delivers them to a NIN. NIN volunteers provide care necessities to local agencies and hospitals serving premature, ill or impoverished newborns. Newborns In Need distributes items free of charge to babies in the United States. They have provided essential items without charge to those in need since 1992. To find out more about Newborns In Need, visit

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