Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Pretty Lips" for $5.99

One of the great joys of being a grandmother, is finding the greatest happiness in the silliest of things your grandchildren do.  I am blessed with three grandchildren.  The first two are twins, Lilly and Leila, who are fast approaching the age of 3. Calvin is the newest addition to the family, and I really look forward to doing "boy" stuff with him when he's finally old enough for the two of us to get into trouble together.

In the meantime, I have the best time with Lilly and Leila.  It amazes me how quickly they have learned what's "girly".  The term 'pretty lips' is what they call lipstick.  They've watched their mom and I apply it and several months ago decided they needed it too.  Of course lipstick to a 2-1/2 year old can be literally we've discovered them with lips covered in mascara, markers.....and one of their favorites is the clear crayons that only show up on the Crayola paper.....I can't convince them it's invisible on their little mouths.

So this morning, I picked up Lilly and Leila, and we drove straight to Walgreens to buy them their very own "pretty lips".  They were in awe of the makeup section......and I could see they were dying to grab everything within their reach--which was considerable.  However, they've been raised "right" and didn't, but made a point to show me everything they wanted.  We finally decided on some lip gloss in a pale pink (that was my influence--I figured pale pink won't show up on my furniture as much).

The gentleman at the checkout counter seemed a bit perplexed when they demanded their "pretty lips" back from him--I had to laugh, because I knew they thought, he was going to keep it.....

The best part other than watching their little faces in the store, was standing in the parking lot and unwrapping their new treasures so they could apply it right away. simple and sweet.......makes my heart just want to explode sometimes.  You would have thought I'd just given them a million dollars......and it was as simple as "pretty lips".......