Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creating Baptism or Christening Memories for a Lifetime

For many people, the first big event after the birth of the baby is the baby’s christening! Families gather with happy anticipation to celebrate your new bundle of joy. In a  way it's how we start to preserve our heritage. Adorable Baby Clothing offers Christening Gowns & Suits for this first important occasion. Just like you, we love creating beloved family traditions and incorporating beautiful heirlooms for a new generation of parents and their little ones. The gowns you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing run the gamut from simple cotton fabrics, to exquisite silks and detailed embroidery and bead work. The great attention given to quality, style and workmanship is far beyond the ordinary.  Future generations will be thrilled that you've saved this very special gown that was a part of their first celebration. Visit us at

Creating a Memorable Baptism
1.  Be sure to involve your family and friends who are already celebrating the birth of your little one.  You might even ask them to help in making the selection, because as you know, everyone loves the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of this momentous occasion.  Grandparents may even want to purchase this for you as a gift for their grandchild.

2. Choose a fabric that reflects who you are. Cotton, although simple, is a fabric used for centuries for important occasions. The choice may can be affected by family traditions, or the climate that you live in.   A favored fabric, silk, is generally considered the fabric of royalty. Although it’s often used for dressy or formal occasions, it can be a beautiful selection for such a precious moment in all your lives. Satin, has a luxurious look and feel that many people love against their skin.  You'll find a wide array of fabrics, from those mentioned above, to organze, taffeta, tulle....there's one just for you!  No matter what fabric you choose--no matter how simple or intricate the details--the most important thing is it reflects you, and becomes that keepsake for your little one.

  3. Designate someone to take lots of pictures to capture the importance of the day and all of the moments you want to remember. In the future, it will mean a lot to tell your child the story.  These will become the treasures you'll look back in the years to come.......they will tell the story of that most beautiful celebration.

4.  Don't forget to include some special accessories, like little booties, or a blanket just for the day, and sometimes, a bib is nice, if your little one drools a lot.  You can find all of these accessories at Adorable Baby Clothing, and they make wonderful gifts for the parents and baby.  

5.  One of the greatest joys in life, is finding the treasures from infancy and childhood that mom tucked away for us.  After the celebration is over, take care to save your gown for its keepsake value. These are the priceless memories that help link-us-together, moment by moment, and supply something to hold onto in changing times. 

Come take a look for yourself!  We think you'll find just what you're looking for!

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