Monday, October 28, 2013

When is a "Deal" a "Deal"?

Everyone loves a sale.......that "deal" of the century you never thought would happen to  you.  However, these days, it seems everyone has a "deal" just for you.  So, how do you know when it's really a deal, or just some closeout that's really only worth the money it's on sale for.  

When shopping for children's clothes, sometimes it's hard to justify the pricier item.  Americans have been conditioned through the media, to shop price
versus quality when it comes to kids clothing.  Although cute the first couple of times they're worn, you typically find the fabric doesn't perform well, they shrink and fade when washed, and pretty much last for a few wearings before you're ready to throw them out.  I personally have been this route, and find it frustrating......especially having three grandchildren, I know how expensive it can get to buy more clothes over and over.

At Adorable Baby Clothing, what you'll find is the opposite.  We're not the
cheapest......we're definitely not the most expensive..........the difference is, our clothing is timeless in style and design, and the fabrics and construction are made to last through repeated wearing and cleaning.  Our clothes are the ones you buy for baby #1, and pass on down through the others! 

How do you know this?  Our brands. Lito and LeTop, two of the companies that are highlighted on our website have been in business on average, 40-years each.  You don't stay around that long, especially in a market for children's clothing, if you're not doing something right!  These manufacturers primary goal is to design classic styles out of "kid appropriate" fabrics, and sturdy construction that will move with your child while they're wearing them.

When you're out shopping for clothes, whether for play or a special occasion, keep these things in mind:
  • Is it a trendy style, or classic (can my next 5 kids wear this?!)
  • Feel the it sturdy.....or can you see straight through it?  Also, check the content of the fabric....a blend of natural and man made fibers is typically best for kids;
  • Look at the colors......are they "today's" colors that are hot, or are they colors that will be popular through the years?;
  • Check the construction......something can look great on a hanger, or folded neatly on a table, but watch out when you put it on your child and wash it a couple of times!  
  • Consider buying American made--the manufacturers who produce children's clothing here make some of the most beautiful well constructed clothing in the world -- price isn't everything if something won't last beyond one child wearing the item!