Monday, October 7, 2013

Choosing clothing for a family portrait, can undoubtedly be one of the most frustrating chores known to moms!  If you're not into coordinating the clothing, try picking just one color that each family member will wear.  As the mom, if you  have a particular outfit for yourself in mind, let your choices spin off from the colors in your outfit.  For instance, if you're wearing a red dress, or shirt, pick up that color in some way in the other family members outfits.   On the other hand, sometimes it's more interesting to choose a color palette for the kids that's totally different from the adults that will be in the picture. 

More than anything else, make sure everyone is comfortable!   There's nothing worse than clothing that's too tight, itchy, or wrinkles every time they bend their arms or just won't set a happy tone when the photographer is ready to snap those keepsake photos!   

If you want to have options, ask the photographer if you'll have a chance to change clothes for a different look.  Sometimes kids are a lot more willing to wear that "fancy" outfit for a brief period of time if they know they get to change into something they really like to wear.  And, if that's what you'll be doing, be sure to make that second outfit totally different from the first.  One thing to always keep in mind, is gather all your accessories together ahead of time and put them all in one bag to take with you.  That way you won't forget, and everyone will look their best.  

Try to think outside the box when it comes to accessorizing.  Items you might want to consider bringing:
  • --a child's rocking chair
  • --blankets
  • --a wagon
  • --scarves
  • --balloons
  • --unique toys
  • --a large basket
  • --different jewelry

The point is, make the experience fun.  The most interesting family photos are the ones that show the family having fun together......not just stiffly sitting in front of the fireplace at home and smiling on cue.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find a large variety of clothing that just might suit your photo session.  You'll find virtually every color palette, as well as styles that are timeless, for that "picture perfect" look.

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