Friday, January 3, 2014 .......they can make your dreams come to life!

As a website owner, one of my frustrations has been my lack of technical 
knowledge when it comes to making major changes to my website.  I'm perfectly capable of doing the day-to-day changes, but when it comes to and "css" and all the other stuff, you might as well talk to me in Greek.....consequently, I've kind of been at the mercy of whomever I'm working with.  Most of those experiences have not been positive ones, and left me feeling like I should have taken the money I spent and just set it in a pile on my driveway and had a nice little marshmallow roast.  

However, I have met one incredibly talented and even more importantly, knowledgeable and honest man, named Jeff Davis.  He's been in the business for 16-years, and is the owner of a website called, and seemingly can to do just about anything you want from creating a website, to improving your existing site, to creating amazing videos for your site.........well, let it suffice to say, Jeff can do it all.  


What I particularly like about Jeff, is he really listens.  He doesn't give you what he thinks you should have.  He takes your ideas, and then makes them even better.  His goal is to improve and embellish whatever your concept is, and then make it a product you're proud to call yours.  

Jeff and I started by changing some obvious elements on my website, and within a matter of a few days, I was startled to see how much better it all looked.  He even added what's called a "slider" on my storefront, which gives a potential customer, a sneak peek of what's on the website without ever leaving the front page.

 After that, he created three amazing videos for me, and as far as I'm concerned hit the proverbial "nail on the head".  I just sent him my ideas, we talked on the phone, and then VIOLA!  He was sending me the videos.  I immediately started looking at other videos on You Tube, to compare what he sent me, and was over-whelmed at how much more professional and comprehensive his work is, than what I was seeing elsewhere.  

We're now working on the SEO of my website, which honestly, just baffles me.  I look at my analytics, and my eyes glaze over.  Jeff starts looking and explaining what he's seeing and it makes perfect sense.

So--if you own a website, and you want it improved and optimized to it's fullest potential (CORRECTLY!!!), you'd do well to get in touch with Jeff.  He won't disappoint, and I'm betting your results will be just as rewarding as mine have been.  Tell him I sent you! on Facebook - on Twitter - @dreamsitescom -

Check out the videos he created for me below!