Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mission 10 - Bridging the Gap

I will be willing to bet that the vast majority of us have at one time or another, found ourselves near or at our financial end.  Wondering how we're going to survive....wondering where the next dollar will come from.  In fact when my husband and I were newly married, and in college, there were many such times.  We'd find ourselves down to a pack of hotdogs in the frig, rent was due, and even though we were both working and going to school full time, we had no idea how we'd survive.....and yet, God was merciful and always provided exactly what we needed.

In today's world with the economic downturns, sky-rocketing unemployment, and all the down sizing of corporations and small businesses, these times are sadly becoming more the norm of too many of us.  And yet, there are those who have taken this to heart, and searched for a way to help those who are struggling to get by.  That group is called, Mission 10.

This group realized that it often doesn't take alot from one person to help another.  Quoting from their website, 

"Mission10, Inc. was formed to allow us to make a difference in the lives of the people around us regardless of our own financial stature.  The premise is that while $10.00 given will not negatively affect anyone’s overall budget, $10.00 multiplied many times over will make a huge impact in the lives of others! 

We are a community of donors willing to give $10.00 on either a per-need or monthly recurring basis for the purpose of lifting burdens off the shoulders of our neighbors who are experiencing financial difficulty."
I find what they're doing truly inspiring.  There were many times in my college years when a relative would just send a little note with a ten-dollar bill in it, and I felt like I'd won the lottery--back in the early 70's that would buy a considerable amount of food!  Today $10.00 doesn't go far, but like the Mission 10 philosophy states, with several donations of only $10.00, it can add up quickly and do much.
This is a group that deserves to be noticed, and I hope you'll take a moment to stop by their website, get on their email list, or join them on Facebook, and rally behind their efforts.  As individuals working together as a group, there is much that can be many lives that can be changed.  Again, quoting from their website......

"Everything Mission 10 does is for the purpose of following God’s mandates to love our neighbors, to bear one another’s burdens, and to show our faith by our works, bringing Him all the glory!  (Mark 12:30-31,  Galatians 6:2, James 2:18 & 26, Matthew 5:16)

In our communities today we are surrounded by troubles and trying situations.   People from all walks of life suffer silently, many thinking help should go to someone who has it worse than they do.  How often do we hear of a struggle, and quietly hope or pray the person finds the assistance needed? 

Mission 10 provides the mechanism by which almost anyone can get involved and make a positive difference in someone’s life."

Below is how you can contact Mission 10: