Monday, June 11, 2012

Help a Mom-preneur Achieve Her Dream......

Ros started Ficklets when she realized her special needs daughter needed some new life to her glasses. While sitting on the couch, she had her 'ah ha' moment and Ficklets was born (well not quite that easy but you get the point ;) ). To help expand and grow Ficklets, this Chase grant could mean the world to her business. Ficklets are the first patented removable charms for eyeglasses.

She needs at least 250 votes but would love to have more! Voting ends June 30th. There is no registering required.


1. Click this link:
2. Click the button to login via your FB account
3. Type in Ficklets and hit search
4. Vote and please share!

Ficklets has been an early supporter of Jamie's Angels4Epilepsy non-profit and is just a wonderful person all around.

Voting is once per FB account.

For those that don't like the updates post an event invite, I THINK if don't accept or ignore the inivte, you won't get updates.

Thank you!