Friday, April 22, 2011

Measuring Your Little Boy for a Suit

In today's world there are certainly going to be several occasions where your little boy will need a suit.  Whether it's a wedding, christening, bar mitzvah , or whatever the event, you want him to look and feel his best in his new suit.  For the most part, if you're buying a high quality suit, such as the ones we carry, you can usually buy the same size he wears in his everyday clothing.  The exceptions to this would be if it's going to be a month or so before he wears it, or if he's about to outgrow the size he's been wearing, you may want to consider buying the next size larger.  Below are some tips for determining the correct size he'll need:

A -- Chest - measure all the way around the chest just under the arm pits.

B -- Sleeve Length - measure from the top of the shoulder-blade where the bone that sticks out from the shoulder all the way down to just past the wrist.

C -- Jacket Length - measure by placing one end of the measuring tape on the nape of the neck and taking the tape down to the base of the buttocks. This would be the correct length for a standard jacket. For a three-quarter length jacket or tail suit jacket you will have to measure down to just above the back of the knee.

D -- Waist - It is important to measure his actual waist -- not his hips. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have your son wear a pair of slacks that fit well. With them in the correct position on his waist, take the measurement just above the waist line of the slacks, and as close to the skin as possible. Most boys suits that are made for boys up to the age of 7 or 8, have elastic waistbands, allowing 2 or 3 inches of movement either way.

E --  Inside Leg - This measurement is taken from just below the crotch to approximately an inch past the ankle bone. Most boys suits will have slacks with an inch or two of extra length to allow them to be turned up to the exact length.

F --  Outside Leg - Starting at the waist measure down to an inch below his ankle bone.