Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Experience and StinkyKids

One of the tough things in life, is finding yourself in the middle of a "situation" and not knowing how to deal with it.  Of course, they say life has a way of teaching us. However, I can't help but wonder, if I was better equipped to deal with everything that's thrown at me--how would many of those situations turned out differently?  And, when it comes to preparing our children to deal with those things, sometimes it can seem like an insurmountable mountain of obstacles they have to traverse, and we can ourselves feel over-whelmed at knowing how and where to start.  Of course most parents navigate the waters just fine, but what if there was something that could help begin to prepare the little ones? 

What if I told you that there is now available, and amazing set of books and dolls that can offer a myriad of problem solving skills in a fun and non-threatening way?!  StinkyKids is an amazing group of books and doll characters, that go way beyond the norm in the world of toys.  Each book is beautifully written and illustrated to basically prepare your little ones on  how to deal with issues that are invariably going to "pop up".  One aspect I found very appealing is the "voice" of the characters was clearly distinguishable as the child's voice.  Most children and adults tend to listen to the voice the most identify with, and the manner in which the stories are written, provides a child's voice your little one can relate to, to pose the problem, and then solve it.

Another aspect I really liked, was that it teaches your little one that YOU are the one they need to come to when something happens.  In today's world, I think families often become fragmented, and kids simply don't know who they're supposed to go to.  Or they're afraid of consequences.....when often, if they'd come to their mom or dad to begin with, the consequences would have been considerably less.  The books offer up great solutions, but beyond just the story, there are suggested questions you as the parent can begin to talk with your little ones about.  I like that because it teaches them without being "teachy" gives them good thoughts that will no doubt prove invaluable as their lives progress.

The dolls....oh my gosh, are you going to love the dolls!  Made by the Madame Alexander company of dolls, the quality is amazing.  The price will shock you--so reasonable.  Every doll's face is actually embroidered, so you never have to worry about parts falling off, or paint getting scratched off.  I have twin granddaughter's, and have to tell you, these are truly the first dolls I've found that I was genuinely impressed enough with to purchase.  I also like the fact that the clothes are removable, and the entire doll is soft, so they make great bedtime or travel buddies.

Britt Menzies, coined the StinkyKids motto,“Always Be a Leader of Good".  It's a concept she taught her own children -- to make right choices, not to follow bad behavior, and be a leader of good behavior.  In addition to the books and dolls, Britt has taken her venture to one more level, which just speaks to the quality and thoughtfulness of this product.  You can visit the website of StinkyKids, where you can actually print coloring pages of the characters (my granddaughters LOVE to color).  She even has a page of pictures by kids who've become fans, and their drawings.  My personal opinion of the StinkyKids line of books and dolls, is that it is a superior, thought provoking series that every child would love to have, and benefit from.  Books are recommended for ages 10 and under, and the dolls....well, suffice it to say, you're never too young to have one of these, and dare I say--never too old!

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