Sunday, March 4, 2012

Appreciating the details

Many of the casual outfits you'll find on Adorable Baby Clothing are from Le Top.  If you're not familiar with Le Top, they've been manufacturing children's clothing for nearly 40 years, and details are among the things they feel are important.  The little outfit pictured on the left is just one of those (LTP1452).  The soft! You'll find a double ruffled skirt made out of the softest cotton, but it's not flimsy.  The weight of the cotton blend will amaze you, but what's important here is that it's going to hold up well for many wearings and washings! (You'll probably have a friend or relative keeping their eye on it, so when you're little one out grows it, they'll be asking for it.)  The top is a sumptuous chocolate brown velour and what we love is the little fabric flower nestled right in the front of the neckline for that extra added touch.  Your little girl will love this outfit.  It would be adorable with pink tights or maybe a chunky pair of boots.

I always hear people say how hard it is to find really cute boy's clothing.  Well, Le Top has heard that too, and gone beyond the ordinary to produce some of the cutest little boy's clothing you'll find anywhere.  The outfit to your right (LTP2154) is just one example.  Again, they use high quality cotton blends, incorporating impeccable stitching, and what's amazing about this outfit.......the plane on the shirt, and the emblems on the bottom of the pants leg......those aren't printed!  Those are actual embroidered appliques!  I mean truly little works of art when you start to appreciate the details in the Le Top clothing!

So.....if you've been wondering where to find quality clothing for your little ones, or need a gift that will be loved and appreciated for someone else, check out the Le Top clothing on Adorable Baby Clothing.  You won't regret it!  Oh....and in case you didn't know.....we offer FREE Shipping on orders of $40.00 and more!