Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maybe it's just me......

So.....I've been a life long, American born citizen of the United States.  And, I know times change, and with that so do lots of things.  Most of them are for the better, but sometimes I just have to wonder what in the world is happening to our country.  Why this diatribe?

Well.....I went to Target this morning for several things.  The first on my list was some kind of decongestant because I struggle with allergies for about 6 out of the 12 months here in Florida.  Just when the pollen seems to be subsiding, the molds show up, or dust, or wild fire smoke.....the pollutants in the air are never ending.  At any rate, I read all the labels, and the one I decided on was a generic version of Claritan -D.  There was no package on the shelf, just a little card to hand to the person behind the pharmacy counter.  I had heard they did this now, but I buy this stuff so infrequently, I've never had to ask for it.  At any rate, I gave them my card for the decongestant....and they all but finger printed me.  I had to give them my ID, which they copied all the information into the register, plus on a sheet of paper, and then made a photo copy of it.  I had to sign two different documents before I could even pay for it.  They politely explained it's because of state and federal regulations.  Holey moley......for 15 little pills that will make my nose not stuffy...hopefully!

I realize there are the idiots in the world that take these things and turn them into heavens knows what, but I hardly think I fit the profile of one of them......not to mention I only bought one box of them.  I could understand if I wanted 5 or 10 boxes at once....that would throw a little suspicion up for me.....but one box!

But, I let it my little box and proceeded through the store to finish my shopping.  Now--you know how it is when you go in Target....they cleverly arrange things so you see them, and want them even though you didn't come to the store to buy them.  Well....they got me again......I was about to leave, and there in front of me was this really pretty display of wine.  I thought, " wouldn't hurt to buy  one bottle in case someone stops by".....and so I picked up one bottle and put it in my cart.

I was completely flabbergasted at the checkout when the lady asked me for my ID.....I thought she was kidding at first, because clearly I look "old" enough to buy a bottle of wine.  But, she wasn't kidding!  And once again, all my ID info was typed into the register, with her explanation being the state requires it.

REQUIRES know who buys a stupid bottle of wine!!!!!!!  What business does the state have knowing what I buy!!!!!!!  I'm still mad and it really bothers me that the government, whether it be local, state, or federal is now tracking more and more of the products we buy.  It's none of their business!  It's almost a surreal thought when you realize what you do, where you go, who you're with is probably a lot more visible than you think.

But then again........maybe it's just me.......