Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some things are worth mentioning.....


On December 31, 2010, I treated myself to a Cuisinart Keurig Coffee Maker.  It was a splurge, but my daughters had given me some gift certificates for Christmas, and it seemed the perfect way to spend them.  I'd done a lot of reading about all the different Keurig style coffee makers, and everything I'd read about the Cuisinart model was excellent.  

I opted to buy it from the store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, partly because they stock the coffee makers, but also the coffee cups and accessories.  An added bonus was that I'd been saving one of their 20% coupons for a while, and by using it on the purchase, I felt like I was getting a great deal.  So, I proudly carried my coffee maker home, and have to say, it's been worth every penny.....that is until the other night, when I turned to turn it on, and nothing happened.  My first thought was that maybe a circuit breaker have tripped for some reason....but that wasn't it.  Then I thought, well, maybe it's the outlet.....but that wasn't had simply died......and it was about 9PM.

I was so distraught at the thought of missing my morning cup of coffee, and  equally perplexed that this coffee maker had only lasted about 18 months.  It still looked brand new!  I called Bed, Bath and Beyond to find out how late they were open, and when I discovered I could make it, I took my most recent gift certificates (these were given for my birthday) and raced to the store.  I briefly questioned whether to buy the same model, or change, but decided to stay with the Cuisinart model.

During the checkout, the young lady who was handling my purchase mentioned something about how much I was going to enjoy my new purchase.  I casually told her I knew I would because I was replacing the one I'd bought from their store 18 months ago.  To my surprise, she said, "Bring in your old one with your receipt and we'll refund the full purchase price."

My jaw dropped!  "What!?  Seriously!? " was my response.  She smiled a big smile and said, :"Yep--we will."  I thanked her and drove home completely in awe of what she said.....and yet, not sure it was true.  The next morning I called the store, and told them what had happened and what their clerk had told me, asking if that was accurate.  The lady, in a most cheerful voice, said, "Absolutely!"

Well, I'm sure you know what I did next! Packed the old one in the "new" box, found my receipt, and headed to the store.  Sure enough, without a glance, my entire purchase price was refunded........I am still I have to share with you, that if you have a Bed, Bath & Beyond to shop at--do it!  And if you've been wanting a Keurig style coffee maker--think's awesome.  Clearly Cuisinart and Bed, Bath & Beyond are confident in the products they confident that on the rare occasion something doesn't perform as it should, they'll replace questions asked.

KUDOS Bed, Bath & Beyond & Cuisinart!!