Monday, February 18, 2013

The Eton Suit - Classic and Timeless

The Eton suit originated in England. The style, became very popular in  other parts of the European continent in time.  The Eton began to  appear in America in the early 19th century, becoming very popular by the late 19th century. Conventions for wearing the Eton collar varied somewhat from country to country. In some countries the Eton collar was worn with ordinary suits, not the short jacketed Eton suit. In other countries especially the United States, affluent boys might wear a full Eton suit. The Eton suit was worn with a variety of pants, including long pants, knickers, and knee-pants, the pattern varying from country to country. Variations were also noted in the sizes of the collars and how they were worn.

By the early 1840's. portraits began showing that the Eton collar and Eton suits had crossed the Atlantic.   The boys wearing them were generally boys from affluent families.   Around the 1920's, a distinctly American off shoot of the Eton suit was worn by younger American boys.  The suit was worn with a short lapless jacket usually, and suspender short pants. Initially worn with an Eton collar,  Peter Pan collars had become more common by the 1930's.

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