Monday, June 13, 2011

Paying-It-Forward -- Pamper's Miracle Missions

Recently I was the recipient of a $50.00 American Express Gift Card via PampersPampers is celebrating it's 50th annivsary, with a "pay-it-forward" program designed to deliver acts of kindness to little miracles and their families.  Pampers is challenging people like you and I to support others within our own communities.

I was thrilled to get this, and it gave me great pleasure to purchase two large boxes of pampers for someone near and dear to my heart--my oldest daughter.  She has 3 little ones under the age of 3!  And, she's in nursing school full time.  She is juggling family life with the pursuit of her professional goals, and as you can imagine, money is tight.  She was so thrilled to get something as simple as a box of diapers because it meant one less thing she had to buy this week.

In the letter I received with the Gift Card, Pampers made this statement, and I hope you'll participate:

".......remember that everyone can participate in a small way by logging on to Pampers Facebook page ( by hitting "like" and then going to the Miracle Missions tab and committing to Mission 1 by clicking "I Want To Pledge."  Once more than 2,500 people pledge, Pampers will respond by giving baby showers to expectant mothers nationwide just in time for Mother's Day.  As a side note, anyone who pledges is automatically entered to win a year's supply worth of Pampers diapers and wipes (and that can definitely help someone in a big way!).
Well, Mother's Day has passed, but we can all still do something to help a mom with her little one(s).  Think about what you can do and pay-it-forward.....if we all do something, the little acts soon become amazing gifts! 

Pampers didn't forget the Dad's!  They now have Mission 2--Making a Father's Day!  Father's everywhere might love some special time with their children which leaves a world of possibilities of things we can do to help them too! I pledged to do something special for the father of my 3 grandchildren--won't you do the same for someone special in your life!?