Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paying-It-Forward -- Yet another inspirational story of helping.....

 Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 
                                                                 ~William B. Yeats

As a former teacher, and a student many times, I know all too well, how difficult it can be to afford the cost of higher education.  It seems most of the grants and scholarships offered are for very specific groups.  So, if you don't fit into one of those groups, you're pretty much left to your own resources.  Yes, federal loans are available, and quiet honestly, that's how I paid for all three of my degrees, but it is a costly venture, and in some ways puts the student at a disadvantage financially after they graduate.  Now, let me be clear--I am a believer in getting as much education as you can get......and if getting a loan is the only way to achieve that, then you do it......but, if someone had said to me, "there's a scholarship available for ANYONE"--honey, I would have been the first in line to apply for it!

Well, guess what....I found one of those scholarships!  Too late for me, but definitely one others could benefit from.  It was started by two women who wanted to "pay forward" to others, what they had benefited from themselves.  They did their research, and starting in May 2009, the RMHS Alumni Scholarship was born.  Michelle Petrillo, and Kerry Moots, founded this awesome scholarship fund, and have committed to giving 2 scholarships of $1,500.00, each, to students who are struggling with the financial cost of higher education.

Just a month after starting this scholarship fund, they were contacted by the Orlando, FL, family of a former classmate who had passed away.  This family asked if they could offer a scholarship in memory of their family member.  They wanted it to go to students who were majoring in the field of education to honor her memory.  This just proves how far reaching one person's efforts can be.

These ladies exemplify what makes America great.  They've each committed to helping others achieve their goals and dreams by offering these scholarships.  They and all who generously donate to this scholarship fund, are as the quote at the top of this says......"lighting a fire".  I hope you'll take a minute and visit the website for RMHS Alumni Scholarship, and just maybe you'll be a "fire lighter" too, by helping pay success forward for someone.