Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas with Grandchildren....what fun!

I have to confess....I'm in love with my grandchildren.  This year has been fun because the twins - Leila and Lilly,  are just reaching the age of "kind of, sort of, understanding" Santa Claus.  At least this was the first year they didn't scream and cry like someone had set them on fire,  trying to get off Santa's lap when we went to see him.  My little grandson (Calvin's, 11-months old) was more confused for the most part, I think because his sisters were sitting on either side of him, but towards the end of the picture taking he was on the verge of crying.

It's been fun going to see the Christmas lights in our area and hear the excitement in their voices when we pass the next house......they've told me repeatedly they NEED the same thing in front of their house.  So I'm thinking.....hmmmmm.....all the decorations will go on sale after Christmas....think I'll have to go shopping and get some exterior decorations for next  year. 

Christmas has changed for I'm enjoying experiencing it through the excitement of my little grandchildren.  I even sat with Santa this year to get my picture taken....I think all of us should do that at least once or twice.....

I can hardly wait for Christmas morning!