Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking to the future........

I'm sure we're all alike, thinking, "where the heck did 2011 go?".  I remember when I was little and some days used to drag by like they'd never end, wishing time would speed up.  My mother would tell me to be careful what I wished truer words ever spoken.  As I've "matured" it seems like every day goes a little faster than the one before.

With that in mind, I was thinking about all the spring and summer weddings that are being planned, and how it may seem along way off, but in fact they're just right around the corner.  The details can be over-whelming if you aren't organized or have someone to help.  One of the details that rarely gets serious consideration is what the ring bearer and flower girls will wear.  Most people tend to think they'll go right out and find it at the very last minute and then end up in a panic trying to do just that.  If I had a nickle for every one of those phone calls I've received, I'd be laying in a hammock somewhere on an island right now....
Adorable Baby Clothing has some of the most beautiful and well made special occasion clothing for children that you'll find any where.  We keep our prices reasonable, and now offer free shipping on minimum orders of $40.00.  You'll find lots of dresses and suits can even be customized to match or compliment the colors of the wedding party.  

The details of our clothing is what is truly amazing.  The jackets of the little boy's suits are fully lined--no details escape the attention of our manufacturer.  The embellishments of the girl's dresses will truly astound you, from little tiny sequins and seed pearls, to satin bows and ruffles.......and the fabrics....oh my gosh the fabrics--gorgeous! Virtually every dress is lined and has a crinolin slip sewn into the body to make sure it doesn't lose it's fullness. The clothing you'll be receiving from Adorable Baby Clothing, is the clothing you'll pass on to the younger brothers and sisters, and eventually pack away as a keepsake.  They are constructed to last, designed for classic style, but always made to wear the way a child is going to wear them.

The new Spring Line has started to trickle in, and you'll find not only retro looks, but timeless classics that never go out of style.  We hope you'll stop by and take a look for yourself.

Happy New Year Everyone!!