Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let's all eat cake....oh wait....what's that on top!?

I've had the pleasure of meeting a lovely, talented lady who has the most amazing artistic talent.  Her name is Sachiko Windbiel, and she is the lead talent and owner of a company called Mimicafe Union @New York.  Sachiko creates the most incredible cake toppers you'll find anywhere.  Each one is hand crafted by Sachiko and her love for what she does is apparent in every one of her creations.

Sachiko worked for many years in various restaurants in Japan, and then by fate, met two talented women in Chicago and became fascinated with their pastry creations.  So inspired by what they did, she relocated to New York City, and enrolled and graduated from a culinary school there.  After she graduated she worked for a custom cake company in New York, eventually taking a leap of faith and starting Mimicafe Union.  Made of edible fondant, she creates a whole fantasy that will make the most simple of cupcakes, or cakes a marvel for all to see. 

I've listed her various links below, and you really need to take a look.  It's hard to believe that she can create such amazing little works of art.  And, by the way, they are shipped around the world.  So if you see something you love--let her know.  And, if you have a great idea, get in touch with Sachiko.....I bet she'll absolutely amaze you!

Oh! I almost forgot...Sachiko asked to use the design of one of the dresses from Adorable Baby Clothing for a topper and see for yourself....she captured the dress to a "t"!