Saturday, December 10, 2011

Times change & so do Things....

Since I became "Adorable Baby" I've been on a whole new adventure.  Having owned another business, I thought, gee, how much different is a website from the traditional brick and mortar type store.  Well....let me say--they are two different universes!

The one advantage I guess I have, is I'm willing to try new things, and when I'm wrong I can admit it.  I'm not saying that's always easy, but only being human, I have to admit I don't know everything, and I'm going to make mistakes from time to time.  I have spent countless hours studying other websites, and talking to people to try and figure out, what brings success to some and failure to others.  I of course, want my site to be considered among the best of the best........but that takes some doing for sure.

As I studied other sites, I was seeing offers of free shipping, or various discounts--no real pattern of what was being offered.  I've offered discounts of various amounts on a fairly consistent schedule, but never offered free shipping.  However, I feel like I've entered another world because now FREE SHIPPING is available at Adorable Baby Clothing.  After visiting countless sites, I was able to come up with what I thought was a great deal.  If you make a minimum purchase of just $40.00, you'll get free shipping.  After looking at other sites, this is really a great deal--most require a much larger purchase.

Hope you'll stop by.  I'm starting to stock a lot of the baby and toddler boy's suits, as well as the LeTop line of clothes.  That means, you can order one day and if it's in stock, it will ship out the next!