Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Fabric of Royalty - Shantung & Dupioni Silk

 Adorable Baby Clothing's formal wear for children is a cut above the norm, because of not only the details, but the quality of the fabrics selected to construct them.  That being said, we have to be don't always appreciate the details the way you and I do!  Kids are going to do what kids do....and so with that in mind, our clothing is made with what "they do" in mind!  

It would be amazing to dress a little one in 100% Shantung or Dupioni Silk, but let's face it....we'd probably drive them and everyone around us (including ourselves) crazy trying to make sure nothing happened to that very expensive outfit!  And, so, the solution is to make those garments out of fabrics that look and feel expensive, but in the end are very cost effective, and hopefully will withstand what our little ones "do" while wearing them.

Shantung Silk is one of those amazing fabrics, that through the advancement in technologies, is now available in synthetic blends, that to the eye and hand are almost indistinguishable from the authentic fabric, and yet afford us the opportunity to dress them in exquisite suit's and dresses, without the cost and mental wear and tear of putting them in the real thing.

So what's the big deal about shantung silk? 

Through the centuries, silk has been coveted as the "creme' de la creme" of fashion fabric.  Silk has always been the fabric of choice of kings, queens, and the rich and famous.  The luxurious texture of the fabric, with the crisp feel and brilliant lustre are often seen in formal gowns, suits, wedding attire, and the heirloom christening gowns.

 Silk Shantung, which was first manufactured in the Shantung providence of China, can almost appear flowing, and  has a fair amount of body and crispness, which has contributed to it's popularity  in  flower girls’ dresses, bridal gowns, christening gowns and suits,  or any special occasion that calls for an exquisite outfit.  The major difference between a shantung and dupioni silk is the size of the "slubs", or the textural fibers you see incorporated into the weave of the fabric.

The suits and dresses you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing that have the word "shantung" in their description are either polyester weaves, or blends of polyester and cotton.  What this means to you is, you will be buying a garment that looks like it costs many many times more, at a fraction of the cost, and yet, I dare to say, most likely will be the outfit you pack away carefully to keep for future generations.  The fabrics look like the real thing; feel like the real thing, and perform like the real thing.  The details and embellishments will absolutely amaze you!

I invite you to take a look if you haven't before.  If you're looking for a baby gift-- trust me, it will be the one that's treasured for years to come.....and if you're looking for the perfect outfit for your own little won't be disappointed.
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