Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Organza?

At Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find some of the most amazing special occasion clothes for your children.  Aside from the exacting details that make them so special, you have to first look at the fabrics.  I have to admit when I started, I didn't know the importance of the fabrics, but they make ALL the difference!

I thought I'd compose a few short excerpts about some of the fabrics you'll find and what makes them so amazing.  First up.....Organza.

If you've looked at the flower girl dresses, christening gowns, and special occasion dresses, no doubt you may have noticed that the word Organza shows up frequently.  It is a luxurious fabric that may look delicate, but in fact holds up extremely well.  It can be embroidered, flocked, gathered, beaded......there are just so many amazing things you can do with organza.
Organza was originally a lightweight silk fabric. Today it is a plain weave  created by using nylon, polyester, and silk, or a blend of any of the three, to result in a translucent look.  The organza produced in India and the United States often uses a mixture of nylon and polyester to create usable organza that is both cost effective and smooth to the touch.  Chinese organza is still often made completely from silk filaments, while Italian and French organza is generally sturdier and often includes nylon filaments as a blend with the silk. 

The dresses you'll see on Adorable Baby Clothing that are constructed of organza, don't actually have any silk, but you'd never know it.  The fabric is exquisite--often luminescent, and the many details you'll find incorporated into the designs are truly little works of art.