Sunday, May 20, 2012

To blend....or not to blend.....

In today's world of fashion, fabrics run the gamut of 100% natural fabrics to amazing blends of man-made material with the natural.  There are those who prefer the all natural, and they definitely have their place in the  garment world, but with the technological advances, blended fabrics can often offer amazing benefits. 

 Why?  Primarily to produce better performance & cost.  Blending fibers can improve the characteristics that are poor in one fiber, by blending it with another type of fabric that excels in those characteristics. Fabrics become more wearable, cleanable, and last longer.  In today's rising cost of everything, those should be reasons enough to consider buying garments that are constructed of blended fabrics!

For instance, when polyester is blended with cotton, the polyester contributes more strength, wrinkle and shape retention; while the cotton produces comfort as it provides absorbency and heat conduction.  Viscose when blended with cotton improves it's luster and softness and there by enhances it's appearance.  Cotton & polyester blends combine the best of the properties of both fibers to provide a fabric that has easy care qualities with the comfort afforded by the moisture absorption characteristics of cotton.

Another very durable yet soft fabric is wool. Wool comes from sheep, goats and even Angora rabbits. For over 12,000 years it has been used in clothing . There are various types of wool such as chenille, flannel, felt, tweed and melton. Wool is warm and absorbs moisture well. The advantages of 100% wool, is the beautiful appearance, warmth retention, wearability, soft to the touch, and desirability in cooler climates.  The disadvantages would be: cost, must be dry cleaned, stains easily, has a tendency to stretch with wear, and show signs of abrasion with wear.  All these factors of course are influenced by the weave of the wool.  

However, when polyester is combined with wool, the excellent shape retention of polyester is the foremost contribution to worsted fabrics  whether wet or dry.  The result is a more cost effective garment, that will perform better in the long haul for the wearer.

The short of the story is, it all comes down to the overall quality of the fibers being combined, and the type of weave used to create the fabric.  We've all bought, at one time or another, inexpensive clothing, only to be disappointed the first time we wore it, or cleaned it.   

At Adorable Baby Clothing you'll find a variety of fabrics, and combinations of fibers in the fabrics.  The one thing that is upper most in what we carry is the over-all quality of the fabrics the garments are constructed of. 
We will never intentionally sell an inferior garment, realizing that most families have more than one child, and hope to pass down the garments they've invested in.  The clothing you'll find on the website are chosen for their quality, style and price.  We're not always the least expensive, but we stand, with confidence, 100% behind the quality of the garments you purchase.  After all....we think you already have enough to do!