Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Buy a Boy's Suit from Adorable Baby Clothing?

Let's face it......boys don't really like to put a suit on, but when  there's an occasion that they need one, finding it is just about as difficult as convincing them to wear the suit.  Most mom's are concerned about the price first, the fit next, and then the quality.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, I've worked hard to keep all that in mind and provide boy's suits in a large range of sizes and colors, to satisfy the most discerning buyer.

The difficulty of buying clothing from the internet is really understanding the quality, the feel of the fabric, and figuring out whether or not the item will fit properly.  I get it!  So first let's talk about the quality.  

The manufacturer that produces the boy's suits you'll see on Adorable Baby Clothing, is Lito.  They've had nearly 40-years of manufacturing boy's suits, and other special occasion formal wear for children.  So....that being said.....they KNOW kids and what works and what doesn't.  

The boy's suits come in a wide range of sizes starting at 6-9M all the way up to a size 14.  The colors are as comprehensive as any line I've found, so there's bound to be one that catches your eye.  Beyond that, the details! Oh my!  Nothing has escaped Lito's attention when it comes to details.  Each suit is designed and constructed to give your little guy the best look available.

The jackets are fully lined.   The tailoring of each one is exacting so the overall look is refined and sophisticated.  You can see, even the tie,  which is included with every suit, is specifically chosen to compliment the color of the suit.  The long sleeved shirt, is a poly-cotton blend so it "breaths" while being worn, but resists wrinkling, and launders beautifully.  The pants all have a finished waist in the front with elastic in the back for a great fit (the larger, boy, sizes have a button and zipper front w/elastic in back).  

Now you're wondering what in the world is the fabric.  It's polyester...oh wait....don't run away!  You would never know it.  It has the finest hand, and looks like a very elegant gabardine.  The beauty of choosing polyester as the fabric, is it moooooves with your little guy......it resists wrinkling (how long do you really think he'll sit or stand still?), and it resists staining (you know he's going to spill the RED punch down the front of himself at some point!).  The point is, he's going to look great, be comfortable, and most likely if he has a little brother, you'll be passing it on to him when he's big enough.

Below is a guide on finding the right size:

For the most part, if you're buying a high quality suit, such as the ones we carry, you can usually buy the same size he wears in his everyday clothing.  The exceptions to this would be if it's going to be a month or so before he wears it, or if he's about to outgrow the size he's been wearing, you may want to consider buying the next size larger.  Below are some tips for determining the correct size he'll need:

A -- Chest - measure all the way around the chest just under the arm pits.

B -- Sleeve Length - measure from the top of the shoulder-blade where the bone that sticks out from the shoulder all the way down to just past the wrist.

C -- Jacket Length - measure by placing one end of the measuring tape on the nape of the neck and taking the tape down to the base of the buttocks. This would be the correct length for a standard jacket. For a three-quarter length jacket or tail suit jacket you will have to measure down to just above the back of the knee.

D -- Waist - It is important to measure his actual waist -- not his hips. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have your son wear a pair of slacks that fit well. With them in the correct position on his waist, take the measurement just above the waist line of the slacks, and as close to the skin as possible. Most boys suits that are made for boys up to the age of 7 or 8, have elastic waistbands, allowing 2 or 3 inches of movement either way.

E --  Inside Leg - This measurement is taken from just below the crotch to approximately an inch past the ankle bone. Most boys suits will have slacks with an inch or two of extra length to allow them to be turned up to the exact length.

F --  Outside Leg - Starting at the waist measure down to an inch below his ankle bone. 

You can always exchange the suit if the fit or color isn't right!