Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Flower Girls - Choosing the Perfect Dress for Her

Flower girls......who doesn't love them!  This is a special element to any wedding that brings the "ooo's and aww's" out, and a heart warming touch to the bridal party.  Choosing what she'll wear doesn't have to be difficult either....if you've chosen the right retailer!  At Adorable Baby Clothing, we offer some of the loveliest dresses, constructed with amazing details, high quality fabrics, and one of the largest array of sizes you'll find anywhere.  So we're confident when we say, we can dress them "picture perfect" for that special occasion.  

Whether you're having a traditional wedding, or one with a more contemporary theme, you want your flower girl to stand out in her starring role, but be comfortable in the dress she'll be wearing.  Keeping her age, size and height in mind, choose a dress that not only compliments your theme, but is age appropriate for her.  

Comfort -- Elements of the dress itself are important.  You need to know the dress is going to be comfortable, and that at the end of the wedding she's not going to be begging to take it off.  The flower girl dresses you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing, have taken all that in consideration, from the types of fabrics, to the ever important construction details, to the sizing.  
  • You won't get a dress that's scratchy; 
  • you won't get a dress that's skimpy on details; and 
  • you most certainly won't get poor quality!  
Each dress is designed for style, but made to wear.   

  • Fabric -- The fabric is as important as the style too.  Depending on the climate where your wedding will be, and whether it's an outdoor wedding and reception, or indoor, you have to keep those details in mind when selecting the dress.  A nice element that can be added to virtually any dress, is a bolero style jacket that can be slipped over the dress if it gets chilly.  Our fabrics are all blends so they'll 
  • "move" with the little ones, 
  • hold their shape really well, and 
  • they're more resistant to wrinkling.  
Natural fibers are great, but on an occasion like this, you want her to look as good at the end, as she did when she walked down your aisle, and the cost factor can be significant.  Even the Shantung Silk fabrics are amazingly affordable, but give the look of the real thing.

Style -- Whether you're going to dress your flower girl as a "mini you", or choose something that is uniquely for her, keep the length of the dress and her age in mind.  The younger the flower girl, the safer you'll be with a tea-length or shorter dress.   Many brides choose flower girl dresses that are complimentary to their over-all theme, but there's really no rule that says you have to.  The flower girl can wear virtually anything you like, and sometimes a contrasting style adds that perfect 
"pop" to those ever important pictures.

Color --  Again, there is no rule about the color of a flower girl's dress.  Most brides seem to prefer white or ivory, but that shouldn't stop you from expressing your own preferences when choosing the perfect dress for your little ones.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find a wide variety of dresses that can even be customized to fit into the color scheme you've chosen.  Remember though.....adding that little touch of color doesn't have to be just a sash or can be the entire dress if you're comfortable with that. 

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