Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

 Where has the time gone!!??  Here we are....4-days until the great anticipated event and maybe like me, you've found yourself still lacking a few fabulous gifts to stuff those Christmas stockings.  The temptation is run to the local pharmacy or discount store and buy the really cheap stuff.  But wait!!  Why shouldn't the little gifts in those stockings be just as meaningful?  Here are some ideas that might help.......... most people love some kind of candy.  These days you can find everything from singles to bulk quantities of just about everything.  Consider buying a few of the singles (you know it always tastes better when there's a limited amount !) and put them scattered throughout the rest of the little gifts in the stocking?

 Miniatures..........I don't mean live things here!  How about miniature bottles of someones favorite liquor or liqueur?   If they are a cook, the little tiny bottles of wine or liqueurs can be just the thing they'll need for one of those fabulous recipes they make and invite you over to share!


Sparkly!  Who doesn't love something sparkly.........and the possibilities are endless--especially with all the sales going on right now.  Look for something unusual (not white elephant gift unusual!) and wrap it to put in the stocking.

Something to wear.........okay, this is where you put the socks and scarves!  Even in  Florida, we have a few days every year where a scarf is a must have, or gloves or fabulous warm socks.  Choose according to the personality of the person you're giving to, and it's sure to be a hit.

Beautification know they say, you can never have too much money, or too much fingernail polish or lipstick!  I'd think the lipstick is kind of hard to buy unless you know exactly what that woman wears, but fingernail polish......the sky's the limit.  There's every color in the world available, and here's a great opportunity to give them something they might not buy for themselves.

Travel sized games........these are great for the person who's on the go and may end up sitting in a terminal somewhere killing time.  They're easy to stuff in a purse or pocket, and great when you are bored out of your mind.......and again, these days there seems to be a pocket size version of so many games.  This is also a great way to maybe share a gift certificate for a game app for their smart phone or I-Pad or Kindle!

Gift Certificates.......I know, I know.......the poor gift certificate gets "poo-pooed" a lot, but honestly, what a great way to give something they can use to buy what they want!  Just be careful that if you choose this option, you know what the exchange policies are, and whether or not there's an expiration date.  You can always include these details in a little note with the GC.

Perfumes & Colognes........if you know the kind they love then get one of the little bottles of their favorite scent and wrap it up.  Also, most major perfume companies sell a huge variety of scented accessories to go with their candles, body lotions, soaps......just amazes me how many ways these companies think of to sell their products to us!  But this is good at Christmas time because you can be creative...... a word of caution......most people are very particular about the scent they wear, so don't go buying some "new fabulous" smell just because the ad on tv told you to.......again......make it personal and stick with what you know they like! & Craft items........I can't think of a better way to tell someone how much you admire their talent in a particular hobby or craft, than by giving them something to help them when they're working on that project!  If they're into needlework, check out someone like TJBDesigns for accessories that will not only make the next project easier, but they'll be thinking of you when they're using it!  No matter what they love to do for a hobby or craft, this is the perfect opportunity to give a really special gift that they'll remember you always for.

The main thing is.........think outside the box when it comes to stocking stuffers.  Don't think $1.00 item necessarily, but rather "special & unique"!

Merry Christmas everyone!!