Thursday, December 5, 2013

This Christmas Don't Forget to Give the Gift of Yourself....

A friend sent me the video you'll see at the end of this blog, and it was an great reminder, not to get caught up in a buying frenzy for Christmas.  I love nothing more than buying things for my family and friends that I think they'll enjoy, but sometimes you look around the room after everyone's finished opening their presents, and it's nothing but a sea of wrapping paper.

Having grandchildren makes it tempting to go out and buy as much "stuff" as you can possibly afford, just to see the looks on
their faces.  However, as tempting as that is, I've found what they really want is to be the center of your attention.  The toys are a novelty for a short time, and then they're either fighting over one of them, or asking you just to sit and read a book to them, or watch them do the silly things they think are so much fun.  On more than one occasion, I found them inside the box the toy came in rather than playing with the what does that tell you?

So not to belabor the point here, because I think we all inherently know this to be's not how much "stuff" you give them, but how much love and attention you can pour into their lives.  Those are the things they'll remember long after they've lost interest in the toy.  Watch the video now, and remember......relax, enjoy the holidays and pour your love into your family......not so much your money--give yourself to the ones you love!