Saturday, December 7, 2013

When the "Littles" Are In Your Wedding

The marriage ceremony is a celebration of two lives being joined as one.  So many brides labor over the colors, the styles, who stands where and with whom.  Probably one of the cutest elements of the bridal party are the flower girls and ring bearer........they're the "ah-ha" moments that make everyone smile.

There are no set rules for what a flower girl or ring bearer wears, but keeping your color scheme and style in mind can eliminate a lot of adorable possibilities.  If you're opting for a more formal affair, you might want to consider dressing the "littles" in the same style and theme.  They don't necessarily have to wear the same colors as everyone else in the bridal party.....sometimes it's more interesting to let them be the complimentary colors that add just a little "pop" to the over-all theme. Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find a sizable selection of formal wear for both the flower girls and ring bearers.  What's even more exciting, is many of the ensembles can be color coordinated to either match your color scheme, or compliment it.  

The picture to the right is one of our most popular flower girl dresses that not only comes in several colors and sizes, but the color of the sash and flower are chosen by the bride to accent the occasion in the way she envisions.

In the picture to the left, you'll see a little boy's tuxedo that offers the same possibilities.  The bride chooses the color of the vest and tie, and now you've got a color coordinated group that will look as if you've had them custom made.  If you've decided a tux is too formal, you still have options.  For instance, you can combine some of the vests and ties from our Boys Dressy Separates Section, to compliment one of our handsome suits.  Or, how about an Eton Suit?  The Eton has been a time honored classic style the is perfect for any occasion. accessories for the little ones are important too.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, you'll find flower girl baskets, head pieces, bows, shoes.....just about anything to dress her up.  And, for the ring bearers, you'll find the ring bearer pillow, suits, and tuxedos, and shoes.  Once you've selected everything, you be thrilled with the "picture perfect littles" who'll add that special touch to your bridal party.

 When choosing the children for the bridal party, keep in mind their ages.  No doubt you've been to a wedding where one or all of them ran down the aisle inside of walked, or decided at the moment they were supposed to appear, that they weren't having anything to do with it.  So, no matter how cute they are, choose children who are at an age they won't suffer from "stage fright" and ruin that perfect processional you envisioned!

One last important thing to remember........PRACTICE!!!  The more familiar the "littles" are with what it will be like, the less likely they are to bolt down the runway!  Have them walk the path as many times as possible.  You know what they say......"practice makes perfect".

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