Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Buying a Boy's Tuxedo - It Doesn't Have To Be Painful!
Tuxedos for little boys have gained popularity for everything from christenings, to weddings, to communion celebrations.  It can be a bit daunting if you've ever had to find one.  First, if you go to rent one, you'll find they're just as expensive to do so, as a man's tuxedo.......and, that can sometimes be the one thing that stops you in your tracks.  Good news though!  At Adorable Baby Clothing, you can BUY a tuxedo for your little guy often for much much less than renting one.  Then you have not only a keepsake, but something his little brothers might get to wear later on.

Adorable Baby Clothing has an extensive line-up of boy's tuxedos from the classical tails, to satin lapels, to chic traditional styles.  The company who manufacturers these for us, Lito, has been designing and manufacturing them for nearly 40-years, so they know what works, what's going to hold up well, and how to design them so they'll move with your little guy while he's wearing it.

If you're looking for one in the baby size, this one (to the right) is the classical style with tails.  It's a 5-piece tuxedo that has everything you need, except the baby!  It's beautifully crafted to accommodate your little one's movements and look sharp the entire time.  Constructed of a polyester blend, it has a beautiful fine texture that's soft to his skin, and sophisticated in appearance.  What's even more appealing, you have a choice of colors, white or black.  Take a look for yourself at .  We'll dangle one more "carrot" in case you're not convinced'll automatically get
FREE Priority Mail Shipping with this purchase!

The tuxedo, to the left, is the more traditional look, again 5-pieces make it complete--just add your little guy and you're going to be so amazed at how handsome he is!  This style, like the one above, is available in 3-6M sizes up to a 4T, and just an example of what you'll see on Adorable Baby Clothing.  Get a closer look here .  To make this a little more'll get FREE Priority Mail shipping with this purchase!

Now, if your son is a little older, not to worry.  Adorable Baby Clothing offers some of the most handsome tuxedos for the boys from size 4T-14.  An added feature with this tuxedo, is that you get to choose the color of the vest and tie!  How great is that!?  If he loves a particular color, or is in an event that he needs a particular color, there goes the boring solid color combination!  The tuxedo is complete with the  single button tuxedo with satin notch lapel, wing-tipped tuxedo shirt, and long pants including your choice of color vest and matching wrap-around necktie.  All guys like to look sharp, and this will definitely fill the bill.  Once again, Lito, has chosen a polyester blend, designed to move with him, resist wrinkling, and give him the style and comfort that's so important while he's wearing this.  We invite you to see this amazing tuxedo at .  Don't forget....FREE Priority Mail Shipping comes with this purchase!

If you've decided buying a tux is right for you, don't worry about purchasing from us.  You can exchange or return your purchase if you're not pleased (although we're pretty sure you will be!).  We recommend you order the same size they wear in their every day clothes, unless he's about the outgrow that size (nothing worse to too tight clothes!), or it will be a couple months before he's going to wear it (you know how they have those growth spurts over night!). There's even a size chart on each page to help you measure him for the perfect fit.  And, if you still need our help, we're more than happy to speak with you.  Just email us at, or give us a call at 407-252-8749. Our goal--happy customers, and a "picture perfect" look for your little guy!
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