Saturday, November 2, 2013

Buying A Little Boy's Suit

There are just some occasions, when you're little guy is going to need a suit
Whatever the event is, you want him to look his best in the suit, but still feel comfortable.  At Adorable Baby Clothing, that's just what we specialize in!  Suits in sizes from baby boy, to toddler, to big boy sizes, you're sure to find the suit that's just perfect.

What makes us different?  Well, for one, we only carry one line of boys suits for a reason.  The American company, Lito, that manufacturers these suits for us has been designing and making them for nearly 40-years!  They know what works, they know what fabrics move with children, and they know that every parent wants those impeccable details that will set their little guy apart from everyone else.

The fabric is a polyester blend that looks and feels like a fine gabardine.  It has a dynamic rich texture that not only looks fabulous, but is going to move with
your guy all through the event.  It resists wrinkles (you know that's awesome), and the construction is amazing.  No detail was overlooked, and when he's wearing this, we'll bet he thinks he's one of the big guys!  To make it even better, our suits come in 9 different solid colors, 4 different pinstripe colors, 3 herringbone colors, 3 seersucker colors, and even 2 new trendy metallic colors.

The suits come with 5-pieces:  the fully lined jacket; the vest; the shirt; the coordinated tie; and finally the slacks.  Each piece is constructed for style and fit, but made to wear.  An added benefit of having the 5-pieces is you can change the look by not wearing the vest with the suit, or not wearing the jacket with the vest.  We even have separate vests, ties and bow ties that can be ordered to change the look entirely.  

When trying to decide what size to order, keep in mind what your little guy is currently wearing in his play clothes.  We recommend you order the same size, unless he's on the verge of out-growing that size, and/or it's going to be a couple of months before he wears it (you know how those growth spurts happen over night!).  On each page of the suits on Adorable Baby Clothing,  you'll even find a size chart that includes all the pertinent measurements to help you make the right decision.  

We won't lie.....there are a lot of websites that carry little boy suits, but what sets us apart is that when you order one of ours, the quality is going to amaze you, the price is definitely one of the best (all orders $50.00 and more get FREE Priority Mail Shipping within the USA), and if it's in stock it ships within 24-hours!  You can exchange the suit once it arrives, or return it too.  We're consumers like you, and know it can be a little nerve wracking to order clothes like this online, so we try very hard to make it as pleasurable as possible.  Please take a moment if you haven't seen our suits, and visit us at . We can definitely help you dress him so he's "picture perfect"!

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