Monday, November 4, 2013

Confessions of a Thanksgiving Recipe Snob......

Okay.....I admit it......I'm a recipe snob.  I was going to write a post about trends in Thanksgiving foods, and then after researching the topic, it hit me.......who the heck has time and money to do all this!?  I've looked at scores of recipes from the Pinterest site, to magazines, to blog articles, and although some of them look fabulous, once I see the list of ingredients, and the preparation time, it seems more counter-productive to enjoying that day than much of anything else.  My family and I have my favorites, and they're tried and true, so why try to improve what works and makes everyone happy?

You'll see fabulous table layouts, ingenious recipes that have 20 nearly
impossible to find ingredients, people toasting one another with unique crystal goblets filled with some imported wine, and I think.......isn't Thanksgiving supposed to be family celebrating the blessings of their lives together, and being free in America?  Wouldn't being preoccupied with having the trendiest foods served sort of take away from the enjoyment of that?  Heck, we usually have trouble just squeezing everyone in around the table, much less worrying about the centerpiece (where there's no room to put).....Or am I being a "trend snob"?

I guess I'm set in my ways, or prefer
traditions over trends because it works for me.  I certainly appreciate the creative combinations of ingredients, and have no doubt a lot of them probably taste wonderful........and yet.......I want to be able to sit down at the table with my family and friends, to enjoy a relatively simply meal and just "be".  I don't want to worry that the new recipe I decided to incorporate into the menu is really going to be good......or the  more likelihood, that it's going to turn out the way it looks in that glossy picture!

Sometimes I wonder if we don't get caught up in trying to be more than we have to be.  Life is complicated enough without bringing more stress into it by trying to be "trendy".  My family has their individual preferences which I make every year, and my philosophy is this.........if there's something new you want to bring to the table, then bring it!  I'm more than happy to provide the basics of the Thanksgiving dinner and the rest of you who join me have my blessings to bring the new "ginger-cranberry-pecan encrusted whatever".........I'll be more than happy to put it on the table for you!  I'm not too snobby to do that!