Friday, November 15, 2013

Who Wouldn't Want a Letter from Santa!?

If you're old enough to remember when Sears used to send a catalog to your home, you no doubt remember the great excitement you felt when the holiday catalog arrived.  I probably spent hours pouring through the pages of toys, carefully folding down the corner's of pages with toys I dared to dream Santa would bring......oh those were the days.  I think the "magic" of those days, was the hope and anticipation that I'd wake up Christmas morning and find them ALL under the tree!

I also remember writing letters to Santa.  I don't know what
my mother ever did with them, but I wrote with great earnest, and made my plea why I'd been a good girl, and why I should get the list of toys at Christmas.  I'm sitting here laughing at my innocence, and yet I think it was one of those elements that embedded a sense of hope and determination in me.  I've always had a great imagination, even when I knew it probably wouldn't happen....but, that never stopped me from dreaming the impossible.  I can't imagine what my mind would have thought if Santa had actually written me back!

And guess what!  Now "Santa" can send a personalized letter to your little optimist!  Can you imagine how excited they would be!  There is a company called, Letters From Santa, and they will send an awesome little package that surely will thrill them.  In each package they'll receive the following:

1 Letter From Santa
(What a great way to make your child feel important and special....and it takes so little to do......surely a keepsake for years to come.)
Personalize letter From Santa directly to your child at your home. This letter is Postmarked from the North Pole* and printed on official Santa Claus stationery.

Santa's Nice List
(Every child should want to be on this list, and maybe if they've been a little "snarky" lately, this will encourage them to straighten up!  Remember I said I was always a dreamer!)
Our "Good Boys & Girls List" which prominently features your child's name.

Santa Map
(I love this because just maybe they'll begin to understand why it's important to understand directions and geography!)
New this year, Santa's Map shows your child his directions from the North Pole to your house!


Nice List Certificate (Well, this makes it official.......they have to behave at least until Christmas...I mean there is the "official Santa seal" on this one......can't be misbehavin and have to return it you know.....)

Complete the delight for your child with a "Good Boys & Girls Certificate" embossed with a golden Santa Seal.

This creative, personalized package is less than $20.00, and would make a great pre-Christmas Day gift for any child.  Now that I'm a grandmother, I love watching the expressions of joy on my grandchildrens faces when I surprise them with something new.  It easy to order, and usually ships within 1-2 days of placing your order.  If you haven't seen these before, make sure to check out their website and see for yourself at Letters From Santa*.

* I received no compensation from the company Letters From Santa for writing this blog post--I just thought it was a great idea!