Friday, November 1, 2013

What's the Bottom Line for You?

Let's face it......everything we need or want is getting more expensive.  I'm old enough to remember paying $.35 (yes, THIRTY-FIVE CENTS!) for a gallon of gas.  Today, it kills me to pull up to a gas pump, knowing that now a quarter tank of gas costs more than an entire tank of gas when I was a teenager!  It causes us all to think twice about most of things we purchase, even when they're an absolute necessity.

Children's clothing has evolved through the years.  As commerce trade has broadened, we find more and more imported products.....some good, 
and some not so good.  The temptation to spend as little as possible on a child's wardrobe is always there.  Let's face it......they're growing, and they're going to outgrow whatever adorable outfit you put them in fairly quickly.  So the quandary is, spend a little, spend a little more, or spend a lot?  For most moms, it's a daily struggle to reconcile that thought.  All of us have seen a picture somewhere of some absolutely adorable child, and the most precious outfit, and wanted it for our own children.....but, then we find out the price, sigh, and  try to find an alternate for much less........even when we know the quality isn't going to be there. you pay for quality, or do you decide it's just not worth it and go with the cheaper?  Most people have more than one child and in certain instances, it makes sense to pay a little more for something, knowing if could be passed down to the subsequent children.  Let's say your oldest in a little girl, and she now has a baby sister.......certainly there are going to be outfits you'd want them both to be able to wear.  You know, those precious holiday dresses?  Having raised two girls myself, that's exactly what occurred.  There were times I even bought them both the same outfit, just because they looked so darned cute in them.

At Adorable Baby Clothing, we carry a line of formal wear for children that's hard to rival.  The company that manufactures our dresses and suits has been designing and manufacturing them for nearly 40-years, and they know what works and what looks great.  Their styles are pretty traditional, but they combine them with current fabrics and colors, and the construction.....well, let it suffice to say, they're made to move with your child, and they're made to last.  The boys suits and girls dresses are the keepsakes you keep putting on each child and they grow into that size.

 The boys suits, are classically designed and come as a complete set.  This is great because you add the boy, a pair of shoes, and you're good to go.  We even have an entire line of separates, that can be mixed and matched with the suits themselves, so without investing in two suits, you can create an entirely different look for a fraction of the price.  Take a look for yourself at the huge selection of colors starting at just $49.95!

The girls dresses.....are to die for!  I haven't found one yet I didn't fall in love with when I saw it in person.  The company adds amazing details, and virtually everyone of them has a crinoline slip sewn into the skirt so they stay full and "girly" while your little one is wearing it.  Many of them even allow you to choose the color of the sash, or they come in the same style in different color combinations.  These are perfect when either you and little one want a particular color combination, or it's required for an event she'll be participating in.

The Christening line is spectacular.  The fabrics, the details, the styles are second to none.  You'll find a huge range in prices, but when you start to compare them to other lines, we feel you'll be thrilled at what they cost.  These become those keepsake pieces too, that every child in the family will have the joy of wearing on that very special day in their lives.

The bottom line is this.......we know everyone has a limit to what they can, or will spend.  However, when you're looking for that "picture perfect" outfit for your little guy or gal, Adorable Baby Clothing offers you the ability to invest in a piece that will not go out of style when it's outgrown.  We invite to you to take a look and would love to help you find that picture perfect ensemble today!  And, in case you didn't know.....any order of just $50.00 qualifies for FREE Priority Mail Shipping within the USA!

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