Sunday, November 10, 2013

The 'Devil's In The Details' ~ So they say......

The idiom "the devil is in the detail" expresses the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly -- i.e. details are important.  At Adorable Baby Clothing we couldn't agree more.  Our specialty is formal wear for your little ones.  Sure, there are thousands of choices on the internet to buy this type of clothing, but at Adorable Baby Clothing, we like to think, our details are what make the difference for each person who visits the website.  Why you ask?

Well, for one, the manufacturer who produces our boy's suits, and girl's dresses, has been doing it for nearly 40-years.  They have experienced designers who understand how children move, and which fabrics are going to allow them to move comfortably.  They also understand that trends come and go, but the classics can last through the generations.

The boy's suits are designed for style, but made for your little guy to wear.  No detail has been overlooked from the fully lined jacket, to the impeccable finishing details that quiet simply stated will "wow" you and everyone who seems your little guy in the suit.  The fabric is designed to move and give, as well as resist wrinkling (let's face it.......he's probably not going to sit or stand perfectly still, and most likely you'll find him under something before the event is over).  You could pay a lot more for a suit of this quality, but Adorable Baby Clothing realizes that clothing like this is not something he's going to wear everyday, so it's important to get the most for your money.  The suits you'll find at Adorable Baby Clothing, are the ones you keep as your family grows, and if boy #1 is lucky enough to have a little brother, you'll be putting that same suit on #2 before you know it.  We're confident that you'll love the style, the quality and the amazing details of any of our suits.

The girl's dresses are quite simply stated........amazing!  As the owner, I've shopped at some of the top children's clothing stores to get any idea of what it is customers are looking for.   I can honestly say, that Adorable Baby Clothing typically far exceeds what you'll see in the average children's shop, and the details will amaze you.  And, I have to tell you, that when I see the quality of the clothes, and then see the prices, I'm dumbfounded at what consumers are paying for. 

Our manufacturer combines classic styles with the latest trends in fabrics and colors, adds incredible details, and manufactures them right here in America.  Every skirt has a crinoline slip sewn into it (that means the dress is going to go limp and just hang on your little princess while she twirls through the room!).  Many of them offer you the ability to customize the color combinations, which is perfect if she's a flower girl,
or the event requires a particular color.  Many even have embroidered fabrics with sequins, sparkles, and pearls that make these dresses truly amazing.  Again, this is a dress you won't just give away when she outgrows it, because if and when she gets a little sister, you can turn around and dress her in it.  And, by the way.....many of our dresses range in size from 6M up to a Girls 14, so if you've already have more than one daughter, you can dress them alike, or in the same dress, but a different color!

You're invited to visit Adorable Baby Clothing, and see for yourself, what an amazing selection we have of the boy's suits and girl's dresses.  We're pretty sure you'll be delighted! We even offer FREE Priority Mail Shipping within the USA for any minimum order of fifty won't find that offer in too many places!

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