Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Grandmother's Observation.....

Today we celebrated my grandson's first birthday.  He's actually one tomorrow, but since it's a weekday, and he doesn't know what day it is, my daughter opted to celebrate today.  His father's side of the family is pretty big it makes our side look pretty insignificant (there's 4 of us and about a gazillion of them).  

When there are that many people in one room that are all related, and you're not of them, it can kind of make you feel a little on the "outside".  My way around that is to be the obnoxious camera person.  It serves several purposes....I document the event for the honored person, it's a great way to get into a conversation with someone, and it keeps me busy.

I have to admit.....I don't like sharing my grandchildren.  I know--silly......but it's hard to watch them run to someone else I hardly know and seem as excited to see them as they act when they see me.  A funny thing happened though today as I was watching and listening to everyone........the realization that these are some of the luckiest children in the world.  They have so many people who truly adore them, and would do anything for them.  And, then I had another really takes the burden off me to be anything more than I am....their grandmother--otherwise known as "Mimi".

I had never thought about what it was like for my mother when I had children, and they had two grandmother's with families of their own.......I wish she was still alive to ask her if she ever felt they way I do sometimes.  Blending families with grandchildren is not unique, but definitely something that can be challenging.  I am just grateful that my daughters, and grandchildren have others in their lives that love them too.