Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm believing in the goodness of people...

It seems that in today's world of interconnected media communications, all we hear about are horrors and tragedies.  I have to admit that there are many times I simply turn off the news because I don't want to hear any more negative about my city, my state, my world.  I remember when I was a little girl, movies about WWII were always on the television on the weekends and my dad and brother were glued to them.  I was always horrified that any human being could do to another human being, the things portrayed in those movies--subsequently I'd get up and leave the room.  Little did I know that what was shown in those old movies was nothing compared to the reality of the real war itself.

At any rate, just when I think the world is going to implode in violence, I hear of some kind act.  It does my heart good to hear, read and see these acts of kindness because it reminds me and anyone who witnesses these acts, that not all mankind is doomed to live in depravity.  There are truly amazing people in this world that make it worth trying a little harder to make a difference in some small way.

The point of all say "thank you", to those who you who go beyond the call of duty to help others........."thank you", to those of you who leave the comfort of your homes to travel half way around the world to help with disaster relief and humanitarian efforts.........."thank you", to those of you who extend a helping hand to a total stranger just because that's who you are........."thank you", to those of you who never seem to have a negative word or complaint about anything (you really impact my conscience!)......."thank you", to those of you who pray for your fellow human each bring a special light into an otherwise dark world.