Thursday, January 26, 2012

Negative Campaigns....Maybe it's Just Me...

 Why is it that politics bring out the very worst in those involved?  The campaigning has hardly begun but the innuendos and mud slinging is in full force.  Not to  mention, if you go to a political rally, there are those in the audience who will hardly let the candidate speak as they yell out their "feelings" about that person for all to hear.

What happened to the times when a candidate stood up and told the people what they believed in and wanted to do?  What happened to the times when candidates had the guts to stand for something because they believed in it?  What happened to people who worked their whole life to count for something that mattered?  And....what happened to people who gave the courtesy of listening, even if they didn't agree, to someone speaking? 

It used to be that you wrote to the candidate after hearing them speak, or  you might write to your local newspaper and get it published.  In today's world of internet access, we're all about "being heard" right here, right now....seemingly,  we don't even care if we're really right about the subject as long as our "two minutes of fame" get us noticed. It's really a sad commentary about where our society is headed........screaming, name calling, taking facts and twisting them into outrageous lies for political smearing on television, radio and the written "we" have to win no matter what the cost?

Maybe it's just me, but I'm already dreading this political season.  I don't want to hear the lies.......I don't want to hear false promises........I don't want to hear what's wrong with the rest of the world.........I simply want to hear how a particular person is qualified to be elected to be  a member of our  government, and how they are going to work for the GOOD of our country and not lining their own pockets.

But then..........maybe it's just me..........