Thursday, January 12, 2012

Necessity....the Mother of Invention.....

We all know by now, that there are many times when we simply can't find what we need.  It's so frustrating, and yet because of that frustration so many incredible devices and services have been invented.  However, if you're not an inventor, or know one, then you either resign yourself that you may never find that "thing" or settle for something that's maybe, sort-a, kind-a, like what you really wanted.

Well, I happened upon two incredible ladies (both moms) who have experienced that very thing.  They began by helping each other find what the other wanted, and then had that "light bulb" moment......"if we can help each other, then what if there were more of 'us' and we were all helping one another?" .  As a result Fiona McDonald, and 

Claire Jeffreys were inspired to create what promises to be a gold mine of information for moms all over the world.  It's a new up and coming website called, and is what Fiona and Claire define as "social shopping for moms".  On their website you'll be able to connect with other women all over the world that share  your interests and preferences.  That's great, but if you're like me, once you have that information, where the heck do you put it and keep it organized?  Not to worry! Fiona and Claire realized the potential and have arranged for each member to not only connect with like minded women, but be able to organize and store that information.

You really ought to register and give it a try.  The site is scheduled to be up and running soon, but only for those who register now.  You'll become a Founding Member with special perks!   It will open later to the  public.  I know if I'd had these resources when my girls were little it would have been invaluable.  Now go give it a look at !!!