Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's your wedding.....have it your way!

You know, years ago, when you went to a wedding you could pretty much bet you'd know exactly what to expect and see.  White dress, a moderate sized wedding party all dressed alike, and the reception not much different.  Over the years though, brides have grown tired of doing what everyone else has already done, and one by one, they've been incorporating their personal style, heritage, and preferences into their weddings.  It's not at all uncommon any more to see bridesmaids dressed either in the same dress in different colors, or different dresses in the same color, or different dresses in different colors. 
And, because we've become such an "international" society, it's more and more common to have a bride and groom of different heritages, or ethnic backgrounds, and finding ways to  incorporate those unique qualities into their wedding.  Fortunately, the attire for children has followed suit.  At, you'll find dresses and suits that can actually be customized to either match or compliment the colors of the wedding party.  The dresses have crinoline slips sewn into the body, so they retain their fullness when worn, and the embellishments you'll find on many of them are nothing short of amazing.

The boy's suits and tuxedos are made just like a grown man's suit, but scaled for the "little guy".  You'll find the jackets are fully lined, and not only the workmanship, but actual tailoring of the suits is impeccable.  You, and your little guy, will be so proud to wear one of our USA made suits.  A quality that I think is as critically important as the look, is the fabric content.  All are blends--and the purpose behind that is that little boys tend not to stand still or sit perfectly know.....they like to  move.  You'll find the fabrics are designed to move with them, and retain their shape without becoming a giant heap of wrinkles. 

There are some tips below for measuring if you're going to be looking for an outfit for your little one, and if you have further questions, don't hesitate to let me know at And in case you didn't know!!!! Most orders now qualify for FREE shipping!

For the most part, if you're buying a quality, such as what we carry, you can usually buy the same size they wear in everyday clothing.  The exceptions to this would be if it's going to be a month or so before it's worn, or if they're about to outgrow the size they've been wearing, you may want to consider buying the next size larger.  Below are some tips for determining the correct size they'll need (this was written originally for measuring for a boy's suit, but it does apply to girls also):

A -- Chest - measure all the way around the chest just under the arm pits.

B -- Sleeve Length - measure from the top of the shoulder-blade where the bone that sticks out from the shoulder all the way down to just past the wrist.

C -- Jacket Length - measure by placing one end of the measuring tape on the nape of the neck and taking the tape down to the base of the buttocks. This would be the correct length for a standard jacket. For a three-quarter length jacket or tail suit jacket you will have to measure down to just above the back of the knee.

D -- Waist - It is important to measure his actual waist -- not his hips. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have your son wear a pair of slacks that fit well. With them in the correct position on his waist, take the measurement just above the waist line of the slacks, and as close to the skin as possible. Most boys suits that are made for boys up to the age of 7 or 8, have elastic waistbands, allowing 2 or 3 inches of movement either way.

E --  Inside Leg - This measurement is taken from just below the crotch to approximately an inch past the ankle bone. Most boys suits will have slacks with an inch or two of extra length to allow them to be turned up to the exact length.

F --  Outside Leg - Starting at the waist measure down to an inch below his ankle bone.